A General Introduction To The Ink Brush

A General Introduction To The Ink Brush

Publisher: Han Culture Centre Malaysia

Author: Pan Tianshou

Page: 108 pg

Year of issue: 2019

Language: English

Binder type: Softcover

Most archaeologists are convinced that China has been inhabited about 4.5 million years to 1 million years ago, as evident from the discovery of Peking Man's skull fossils. Pei Wenzhong, who found the first fossil, had reported in his research that besides the discovery of skulls and stone tools, also found are "drawing on the bones" of the erectus. 

Among motifs of drawings on the bones are scratched stretches, engraved semicircle apertures, triangle dents, and scores. While it is not easy to predict the shape and size of the whole original piece, these drawing found on broken bone tools or decorations are certainly not accidental artwork. 

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