A Poet in Her Haven by Paullyn Sidhu

New A Poet in Her Haven by Paullyn Sidhu

Not only are her poems priceless but so are the quotes before each poem! One cannot help but be caught in the superbly-crafted web of this amazingly gifted poet.'
Qazal Kooshabadi
(Former web-designer / Persian poetess / Foreword writer for The Garden in My Mind) - Tehran, Iran

'Paullyn Sidhu is a master at playing with words and killing several birds with one stone, in terms of conveying a message that can be interpreted in several different ways and on many intellectual levels. Students of literature, discerning critics and analytical readers will note this facet of her poetry-writing more than others.'
Paul Sebastian
(Poet / Business Skills Trainer / Author of Songs of My Heart /
Foreword writer for On The Wings ofA Dragon!) - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Poet in Her Haven is Paullyn Sidhu's I9th collection of poetry. Being a 
compilation of 100 new 21 st century metrically-designed poetry forms invented
by her, this book is a veritable Principia Poetical From EK - a one-syllable
poem; right up to the majestic SASTERA *ONE(a 1000-syllables poem) and the
monumental rooc-syllables EK*SHASTRA, this Malaysian poet offers a
scientific approach to poetry encapsulated in an artistically designed literary
cruise! Besides being an internationally-acclaimed humanitarian, Paullyn Sidhu
is also a self-empowered charitable educationist, an experienced solo traveller,
an award-winning retired teacher and a former freelance columnist for The Star
and Daily Express. Her poetry thrives on authentic simplicity and creative

Paullyn Sidhu resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is the author of 18 other
books of poetry including Come into My Arms, Flowers in My Heart, The
Whispering Wind, A Kitten in My Mitten, The Sun in My Arms, Shades ofRust,
The Death ofA Dewdrop, and A Camel in My Desert.

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