Looking Into The Alternate Malay Universe: Crisis And Opportunity In A Pandemic

Looking Into The Alternate Malay Universe: Crisis And Opportunity In A Pandemic

Publisher: AB Sulaiman

Author: AB Sulaiman

Page: 234 pages

Year of issue: 2021 

Language: English

Western thinkers and philosophers opine that man is at the centre of the universe. This man-universe views is based on scientific thinking, on facts, evidence, human logic, and on cause-and-effect discourse. 

The Malay society appears to have an alternate view, saying in effect, no, it's not man at the centre, but God. It's based on perception, belief, opinions. This book looks into the experiences of this country under the leadership of the Ketuanan Melayu polity, habitually adopting this stance in its public policy considerations. The result have not been exciting or inspiring. 

"AB Sulaiman's book reflects the perplexities of one highly English educated Malay on the mismash of values, circularity and superficiality of thoughts found amongst Senior Malay political personalities and their followers."

Salih Amran Jamiaan

Formerly a Senior Banker and Special Adviser (Economics.)

"A timely sequel of A.B Sulaiman earlier book 'Ketuanan Melayu.' A cynical, but honest look at the Malay mindset seen from the perspective of a passionate Malay who is painfully aware that the Malays are trapped in the deviously created universe designed by their religious and political leaders. Truth may hurt, but only by accepting this truth will the Malays be able to move foward."

Author of the book "From BMF to 1MDB: A Sociological and Criminological Discussion."

AB Sulaiman is ahead of his time. He examines the rather static Malay Muslim beliefs against those prevailing in a rapidly changing world view. More than that he prescribes remedies, if adopted, that have far reaching positive impact on the community. A must read.

Paul MH Choy

Civil Servant Planter and Thinker (Statistic and Economics)

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