Ancient Chinese Geography

Ancient Chinese Geography

Publisher: Han Culture Centre Malaysia & Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP)

Author: Huang Zhenwei


Year of issue: 2018

Language: English

Binder type: Softcover

Ancient Chinese Geography covers three main areas: it accounts for how the ancient Chinese people came to recognize, utilize and adapt to their surroundings; records of China's landscape, political and territorial changes, agriculture, and indigenous cultures; and descriptions of China's natural terrain and historical sites discovered by exploration. Books relevant to such areas are now labeled "historical and geographical works." With the advancement of social progress, the relation between people and nature has changed fundamentally as shown in their changes of concepts of geography, which reveals that people gradually became concerned with the surrounding countries in addition on their own. Ancient Chinese geographical works entertain us with spectacular landscapes, rich histories and splendid human culture and literature. 

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