Regina Ibrahim

Regina Ibrahim

A former school teacher who considers herself as a Holistic Artist. Published 4 books in Bahasa Melayu with FIXI. A semi academic book on Maknyah with Terfaktab Fine and recently launched LEBIH DUKA DARI SUKA an anthology of 24 shorts by Gerakbudaya about Transwoman relation with their surroundings.

One of her shorts with fixi were selected as MALAYASIAN BEST 2015 . Another 2 shorts were selected for Cerpen Jumaat which will be launched soon.... adding to her list is Kata Kata Mama by Langitpress, Budiman by Fixi and Cerpen Jilid 1 self published.

Regina is currently active guiding some young writers not to write but to see things around them clearly, so that they will be able to enjoy the fullest 'freedom space' finding materials not available on any book rack. Some of her excerpts can be found on wattpad: Independent, Ruang Kata, MakNyah and etc...

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Lebih Duka Dari Suka: Kisah Mak Nyah Malaysia -64% Out Of Stock

Lebih Duka Dari Suka: Kisah Mak Nyah Malaysia

Author/Editor: Regina Ibrahim New Pb293 pp. Subjects: Fiction, Gender & Sexuality Condition: ..

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Manusia By Fahmi Mustaffa, Regina Ibrahim (Fixi)

MANUSIA mempertemukan Sheila dengan Salma, seorang wanita pintar dan tabah. Bersama Salma, dia mula ..