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As a distributor that aims to embody social awareness, critical & alternative perspectives, and the hidden histories of Malaysia, Gerakbudaya advocates for all voices in Malaysian society to be heard, not just the mainstream voices of dominant discourse. Gerakbudaya also believes that through publishing and bookselling we should reflect the diversity of Malaysian society, and in particular the diversity of perspectives on Malaysian society.


As the books we sell and distribute sho, there are many complicated conversations going on in Malaysian society about topics usually deemed ‘controversial’. In the area of women’s empowerment we have distributed books by Sisters is Islam or SIHA Network, discussing Islamic feminism, in the area of minority rights we have published books from religious perspectives discussing the religious basis for tolerance and diversity, for example Mohamed El-Tahir El-Mesawi’s The Question of Minorities in IslamIn the area of LGBT issues we have also distributed books from religious perspectives providing alternative and critical views on the issue.


As part of this diversity we have many books which contribute to the discussion on Islamic issues and highlight the diversity and complexity of Islam in Malaysia. Some of the few books, alongside brief introductions to avoid spoilers, are as below:


GOLONGAN MUSLIM PERTAMA: SEJARAH DAN MEMORI BY ASMA AFSARUDDIN: This book talks about the history of Islam. This book goes through the sirah and the practice of Islam’s first generation, from their first battle and the history that they left behind. It serves to remind us of the origins and the struggling beginning to the present now.


CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC DISCOURSE IN THE MALAY–INDONESIAN WORLD BY AZHAR IBRAHIM: This book is to view acontemporary and present Islam’s situation. The author focuses on the context mainly around Malaysia and Indonesia. The book views the comparison and contrast of both countries in the context of contemporary Islam.


ISLAM DI BARAT MUSLIM DI TIMUR BY ZULKIFLI HASAN: This is a different genre of book, which is a travelogue. It entails the author’s own experience from Mekah - Madinah - Gaza - Kaherah - Rafah - Alexandria - Zagazig - Tokyo - Kyoto - Sendai - New York - Chicago - Dallas - Boston - Indianapolis - Washington DC. The book shows the contrasting experiences due to different cultural values at the West and East while still maintaining his own Islamic values. His journey also recounts differences between Malaysian Muslims and other Muslims, which he regards as an obvious contrast.


KHAZANAH INTELEKTUAL ISLAM: Edited by Nurcholish Madjid, this book showcases the translations of the thinkers such as Al-Asy’ari, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Taimiyyah Ibn Sina, Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Rusyd and etc. Their philosophies remain a basic reference for holistic peace, which they are also among the biggest contributors as the scholars of Islam. The book received many praises for giving readers the direct translation of their philosophies instead of the usual third point of view.


Those are only a glimpse among the many books we distribute regarding Islam at Gerakbudaya and we remain committed to giving space to Islamic voices and Islamic knowledge.


For any further information about the rest of the religion books, our website www.gerakbudaya.com offers an easy search system to access those books. Lastly, we are also happy to announce the start of Islam Week from 23 July - 13 August 2019! Tune in to see the oncoming exciting plans.


17 July 2019


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