Building a Research University

Building a Research University

A Guide to Establishing Research in New Universities

Author: Peter J Heard

ISBN: 9789675492594

Pages: 144

Year: 2022

Sunway Shorts

'Building a Research University : A Guide to Establishing Research in New Universities' provides a guide to university leaders who aim to manage the switch from being a teaching institution to one that is research-led. The book covers the importance of research in a modern university, and examines the right balance between teaching and research and the strategies to go through phases of growth and development.

How does a university transition from a teaching-only institution to one actively engaged in research? What challenges will a university and its staff and students face during the shift? How can a university successfully overcome these challenges?

Drawing on the author’s own experience leading two different universities, this book seeks to shed some light on these questions and provide a valuable guide to universities that wish to grow their research portfolio. It also aims to help universities avoid common mistakes often committed in becoming a research university.

This book is suitable for university leaders, research leaders and the general public interested in the transition of higher education institutions from teaching-only to research-led.

PETER J HEARD gained his PhD on the study of molecular dynamics in organo-transition metal complexes from University of Exeter, UK. Following brief spells at Yale University, USA, and Swansea University, UK, he worked for 12 years at Birkbeck University of London as a lecturer in chemistry. In 2007, he moved to Glyndwr University where he rose rapidly to become Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research. In 2013, he moved to Sunway University to take up the position of First Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, and subsequently, Provost. As Provost, Professor Heard has overall responsibility for the academic portfolio of the university.

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