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Can Quit, I Did!!! | Sajivs

Can Quit, I Did!!! | Sajivs

Author: Sajivs

Page: 112 pages

Year of Issue: 2020

Language: English


Anyone addicted to smoking will empathize that it is no easy task to unlearn this habit. Many claim they can quit easily yet we still see so many avid smokers around us. 

Is this by choice or by force of habit?

This books deciphers this puzzle by engaging the reader to undergo self analysis. As everyone is unique in nature, so is the smoking habit. 

As it is vital to understand oneself in order to be able to overcome the smoking habit and nicotine addiction, this book takes readers through a self realization journey, enabling them to gain insights as to why they started smoking, why they continue to smoke and what they need to do to quit. 

It outlines and highlights the relevant prerequisites needed to prepare one to quit smoking. It dwells on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of this process so that you can quit smoking SUCCESSFULLY and for GOOD. 

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