Cartography: Poems, Stars and Stories

Cartography: Poems, Stars and Stories

Ever notice that Constellations look nothing like the characters in their stories?

Humans have always been drawing meaning out of chaos, absurdity, uncertainty.

In her first collection of poems, Chloe turns her focus to the process of growth and the points of intersection between life's highs and lows. She captures the dizzying euphoria of new love, holds space for the anguish of loss and unearths beauty hidden in the mundane. As we delve into questions of meaning and purpose, these poems and stories are an honest exploration of pain, healing, mortality as well as a collection of voices she has picked up along the journey. As she writes about wonder, shelter, forgiveness, grief, compassion, home and faith, she illustrates that there are gems hidden in all our little moments - the bitter, the sweet and everything in between - and to live fully and freely means taking in all of it.

Author Chloe Ling
Pages 128
Published 2019

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