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Two years ago, while having coffee on a hot day at the local kopitiam, we were swapping both touching and heartbreaking stories about our students — in true teacher-form. In the midst of our chat, we decided to capture our experiences as teachers: having to navigate through mountains of duties and paperwork while ensuring we deliver quality education to the children entrusted to our care. We decided to express our experiences through a game, which you are holding in your hands right now.

The Cikgu Life is a game about life as a teacher in Malaysian schools. Players get to take on the role of a "cikgu" for a change. In the course of playing this game, you will learn that a teacher's life is not just about half-day work and school holidays but also, how a makeup of a school and a teacher's effort can significantly impact a student. We hope that, while playing this game, you will be inspired to contribute a little of your time, money or effort to improving education in Malaysia.

For 2-5 players | 40 minutes playtime | Age 14+

Designer: James Choong

Publisher: Classroom Adventures

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