Essential Writings Ismail Al Faruqi

Essential Writings Ismail Al Faruqi

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust

Author: Imtiyaz Yusuf

Page: 269 pages

Year of issue: 2021

Language: English

“Essential Writings Ismail al Faruqi is an important tribute and insight into the scholarship and perspective of one of the major Muslim scholars and teachers of Islamic Studies in the late-twentieth century. Professor Faruqi established the robust program of Islamic Studies section within Temple University’s Department of Religion program. Most importantly, he was an indefatigable scholar and mentor to a generation of students both in the US and globally, many of whom he recruited and supported.”

Prof. Dr. John L. Esposito

University Professor and Professor of Islamic Studies

Georgetown University, USA

Professor Ismail al Faruqi (1921-1986) was a trailblazer of what he called Islamics or Islamic Studies in the modern age with a special focus on the study of Islam from the perspective of phenomenology and history of religions and interreligious dialogue. He is also well known in the Muslim world for his theory of Islamization of knowledge, which is only one of his many intellectual contributions to the relationship between Islam and knowledge.

This book is an introduction to Professor Ismail al Faruqi’s scholarly views, excerpted from his famous writings, concerning topics such as the pre-Hijrah sources of Islam, religious interdependence, religio naturalis and metareligion.

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