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Feminism and Women Power!

Feminism and Women Power!

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Dangerous Brown Men by Gargi Bhattacharyya

Exploiting Sex, Violence and Feminism in the War on Terror Author: Gargi Bhattacharyya Publisher: ..


Feminist Futures: Reimagining Women, Culture and Development

Editors: Kum-Kum Bhavnani, John Foran, Priya A. Kurian and Debashish Munshi Subjects: Development, ..


Gender Responsive & Participatory Budgeting

Imperatives for Equitable Public Expenditure Editor: Cecilia Ng New Pb210 pp. Subjects: Economics..


Global Prescriptions: Gendering Health and Human Rights

Author: Rosalind Pollack Petchesky Subjects: Gender, Health Condition: Good Publisher: Zed B..


IPS Gender and Development Glossary (3rd Edition)

Author: Johanna Son Subjects: Gender, Politics Condition: Good Publisher: Inter Press Service. As..


Kaleidoscope: The Memoirs of P.G. Lim

Author: P.G. Lim New Pb397 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Cond..


Masculinities Matter! Men, Gender and Development

Editor: Frances Cleaver Subjects: Gender, Development Condition: Good Publisher: Zed Books ..


Orang Asli Women of Malaysia: Perceptions, Situations & Aspirations

Authors: Adela Baer, Karen Endicott, Rosemary Gianno, Signe Howell, Barbara..


Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance: Lessons from the Arab World

Editors: Maha El Said, Lena Meari, and Nicola Pratt Subjects: Gender, Politics Condition: Good Pu..


Rethinking the Man Question: Sex, Gender and Violence in International Relations

Editors: Jane L. Parpart and Marysia Zalewski Subjects: International Relations, Gender Studies Co..


Revolusis: Pencetusan

Authors: Angela M. Kuga Thas, Huda, Illya Sumanto, Juana Jaafar, Mischa Selamat & Serene LimPape..


Siti Norkiah Mahmud: Srikandi dari Pahang Utara

Penulis: Mohamed Salleh Lamry Subjek: Sejarah, Malaysia Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: SIRD Tahun: 201..

The Audacity of Races and Genders: A Personal and Global Story of the Obama Election -73%

The Audacity of Races and Genders: A Personal and Global Story of the Obama Election

In this exciting and insightful new work, Zillah Eisenstein engages the 2008 election of Barack Obam..

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The Memoirs of Shamsiah Fakeh

Shamsiah Fakeh was a leader in the independence movement among a group of Malay women who fought per..


The Women, Gender and Development Reader

Editors: Nalini Visvanathan, Lynn Duggan, Nan Wiegersma and Laurie Nisonoff Subjects: Gender, ..


Wanita dan Masjid by Prof. Dr. Jasser Auda

Perbincangan Dalam Konteks Maqasid Shari’ah Author/Editor: Prof. Dr. Jasser Auda New Pb102 pp. ..


Wanita Rentasi Perjuangan

Penulis: Rohana Ariffin Subjek: Malaysia, Gender, Sejarah Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: Lee SlimShady ..


Women and War in the Middle East: Transnational Perspectives

Editors: Nadje Al-Ali and Nicola Pratt Subjects: Middle East, Palestine, Gender, Political Sci..


Women in Israel : Race, Gender and Citizenship

Race, Gender and Citizenship Author: Nahla Abdo New Pb227 pp. Subjects: Gender & Sexuality, M..


Women's Boat to Gaza

Hardback, 80 pages Subjects: Palestine, Middle East, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: MyCARE ..


Natrah: In the Name of Love

This is the biography of Natrah: a Dutch girl who was fostered and raised by a Malay woman. Her true..


Wanita Tahanan Reman

Sri Diah dan emansipasi wanita tidak dapat dipisahkan daripada cerpen-cerpennya. Melalui cerpen-cerp..


1515 | Faisal Tehrani

BOLEHKAH ANDA MENUKAR SEJARAH?"Hanya kanda sebagai sejarawan dapat membantu hamba untuk membetulkan ..

Feminism and the Women's Movement in Malaysia An Unsung (R)evolution Out Of Stock

Feminism and the Women's Movement in Malaysia An Unsung (R)evolution

Combining both personal and academic insights into the Malaysian women’s movement, this study provid..


Feminism Is …. by Gemma Cairney

"Why are so many women - and men - nervous about calling themselves a feminist? ... It's a hopeful t..


Feminist Politics, Activism and Vision: Local and Global Challenges

Publisher : Zed Books (June 4 2005)Language: : EnglishThis volume brings together essays o..


Human Insecurity: Global Structures of Violence

Human Insecurity is concerned with our refusal to confront the millions of avoidable deaths of ..


Islam Feminisme Barat Dan Sastera Melayu

Buku ini menjurus kepada persoalan yang sering mendapat perhatian dalam medan kesusasteraan iaitu wa..


Kami Pun Ada Hak Bersekolah (Wanita Orang Asli Bersuara)

18 cerita pendek yang ditulis sendiri oleh belia wanita Orang Asli memaparkan pengalaman peribadi da..


Living On The Periphery : Development and Islamization among the Orang Asli in Malaysia

Publisher: Center For Orang Asli ConcernsYear of publishing: 2020Pages: 370 pgWhat set out as a stud..


Memoir Shamsiah Fakeh: Dari AWAS ke Rejimen Ke-10 (Edisi Baru)

Shamsiah Fakeh adalah pemimpin pergerakan Kemerdekaan dari kalangan wanita Melayu yang berjuang deng..


Merah & Mentah : Hak Orang Asal dan Undang-Undang di Malaysia

Publisher: Center For Orang Asli ConcernsYear of publishing: 2020Pages: 184 pgDalam undang-undang an..


No Shortcuts to Power : African Women in Politics and Policy Making

Whatever the other shortcomings of representative democracy in the world today, one issue that remai..


Our Lives To Live: Putting A Woman's Face To Change In Singapore

Our Lives to Live: Putting a Woman's Face to Change in Singapore explores and documents how women's ..


Penglibatan Wanita Dalam Pilihan Raya

Buku ini melakarkan penglibatan wanita dalam pilihan raya yang memberi sumbangan besar dalam memanta..


Remembering the Samsui Women: Migration And Social Memory In Singapore And China

In the early twentieth century, thousands of women from the Samsuiarea of Guangdong, China migrated ..


Revolusis : Pergolakan - 9789670311517

Pendek cerita, begini kisahnya. Seorang tua telah dikerjakan dan konsert Revolusis pula menggegar ma..


Semelai Communities at Tasek Bera : A Study of the Structure of an Orang Asli Society

Publisher: Center For Orang Asli ConcernsYear of publishing: 2020Pages: 191 pgOriginally written in ..


Terjemahan dan Gender: Menterjemah dalam ‘Era Feminisme’

Terjemahan dan Gender membicarakan kajian dalam terjemahan terkini tentang latar belakang perge..


The Daughters of Development: Women in a Changing Environment

This is a powerful feminist critique of the 'Western' concept of development. It is also an attempt ..


The Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab World, Second Edition

This powerful account of brutality against women in the Muslim world remains as shocking today as wh..


The Line: Women, Partition and the Gender Order in Cyprus

Step across the Green Line in Cyprus and you defy the political leaders who seek to control movement..


The New Maids: Transnational Women and the Care Economy

The New Maids is a pioneering book, grounded on rich, empirical evidence, which examines the re..


Walking Through Fire : A Life of Nawal El Saadawi

Walking Through Fire is the story of Nawal El Saadawi, the first Arab woman to write about sex ..


Wanita Di Sabah: Kami Taraf Apa? Antara Kedudukan Tersisih dan Hak Saksama

Buku ini, Wanita di Sabah: Kami Taraf Apa? Antara kedudukan tersisih dan hak saksama adalah berdasar..


Women and the War on Boko Haram : Wives, Weapons, Witnesses

For over a decade, Boko Haram has waged a campaign of terror across northeastern Nigeria. In 2014, t..


Women's Activism in Africa : Struggles for Rights and Representation

Throughout Africa, growing numbers of women are coming together and making their voices heard, mobil..