Flying Lizards And Other Orang Asli Legends And Tales

Out Of Stock Flying Lizards And Other Orang Asli Legends And Tales

Editor: Colin Nicholas

Cover: Paperback

Year: 2018

Pages: 248

'Flying Lizards' invites you to get to know, and have access to, the rich oral tradition of the Orang Asli.

Orang Asli oral tradition includes myths about their view of the world and its genesis; heroic accounts of revered personalities (whether real or fictitious); a catalogue of do’s and don’ts to ensure the desired social behaviour; an encyclopaedia of knowledge and information necessary for successful utilization of the natural resources; yarns and tales to amuse, entertain and educate; and accounts of personal experiences of the elders and of those who came earlier.

Amassed by past generations and passed down to its present heirs, Orang Asli oral tradition has been used to amuse, to teach, to record, to remind and to explain. The Orang Asli create stories and narratives not only to make sense of the world but to impart important social and ethical mores to ensure community living and continuity.

In 'Flying Lizards' you have a sample of Orang Asli legends and tales as recorded by various writers over the past two centuries. Through these stories we can get a glimpse into the spiritual, social and ecological world of the many Orang Asli groups. 

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Tags: Culture, Ethnic Studies, Folklore, Malaysia, Orang Asli, Social studies