From Kerala to Kuantan and Other Short Stories

From Kerala to Kuantan and Other Short Stories

Author: Idrus Abu Bakar

ISBN: 9789672645603

Pages: 422

Year of Issue: 2021

This book begins with the story of the author’s father, a migrant from Kerala to Malaya during the colonial era, stories of his early life, adulthood, family, and his service in the government. All of the other contents are the postings from his blog, that tell about the real life happening as he journeys on in life after retirement. These stories are about real happening, reminiscence, and coincidence. He believes that the happening cannot be just a coincidence and that it happens for a reason. It must then be Synchronicity. Humans are spiritual beings thus spirituality does play a pertinent part in our lives. These stories are the episodes of the happening as he moves on the path of his journey toward his destiny.

IDRUS ABU BAKAR is a retiree after 32 years working in the government service. To share his knowledge, he had blogged from 2003. He lives with his family in Ampang Jaya, Malaysia. 

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Tags: Memoir, Anecdotes, Malaysia