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Gerakbudaya UKM

Gerakbudaya UKM is our first bookstore branch operating in a university space. We provides a wide range of quality books at affordable prices especially for art and literature-themed books, cultures, politics, economics, social criticisms and more.

We provide university-based books from within and outside the country (NUS, USM, UKM, UM, Oxford, Cambridge Press, etc.) as well as critical social science books published by SIRD, ZED, ISEAS, and more. Also sold are fiction and Indie books from various publications (Fixi, Roman, Dubook, Terfaktab, etc) for campus residents! In order to boost the readiness of readers in this archipelago, Gerakbudaya UKM also provided religious, historical and philosophy books from Indonesia and Singapore.

The main objective of Gerakbudaya UKM is to transform and cultivate intellectual currents within the campus through forums, lectures and various discussions. Therefore, we welcome cooperation from student organizations / lecturers to hold events and intellectual discourse in our bookstore room. With the inclusion of these books and containers, we hope they can open the horizons of the minds of university and community members both outside and within the university. We believe that the reader is not alone without the presence of an inspiration and thought, he is also present in a community of great spirit and sensitive to the problems of his community.

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