Growing Up Human

Growing Up Human

Authors: Sybella Ng & Siew Ju Li

ISBN: 9789675492228

Year: 2022

Sunway Shorts

What shapes an individual from birth to death? How does your relationship with others influence your own view of the world? What makes you uniquely you as you grow older (and hopefully wiser)? How can you tackle the different challenges life presents?

Shedding light on the psychology of human development, each chapter marks a stage in our lifespan—from babies to functioning adults—based on Erik Erikson’s theory on psychosocial development. The book pairs research with real-life advice and draws from the authors’ experience in developmental psychology, offering insights into the challenges each stage brings and ways to overcome them. Discover yourself through the science of growing up and appreciate the influences that make us human.

SYBELLA NG is a Developmental Psychologist and Family Therapy practitioner who co-founded Re:Mind (formerly known as Thinkint), a training and consulting company that provides EAP and psychological services. She is a graduate of Columbia University, New York, and previously a lecturer of Psychology at HELP University, Malaysia.

SIEW JU LI is an Educational Psychologist and Play Therapist. She is the Director and Consultant at SEED Connections, providing psychological services and programmes to families and children. She specialises in the areas of play therapy, emotional literacy, and parenting, and was previously a senior lecturer of Psychology at HELP University, Malaysia.

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