The History of Medicine and Health in Malaysia

The History of Medicine and Health in Malaysia

Author: Lim Kean Ghee

ISBN: 9789834080013

Pages: 236

Year of Issue: 2016

From the Preface

I have heard it said that to have no history is like having no memory. Doctors appreciate how important it is to find out the history of a patient’s illness. It is almost impossible to determine the diagnosis (the cause) and the prognosis (the expected outcome) without a proper history. In the same way, not appreciating the history of the medical services, the context of life then, and the diseases the medical profession faced, can be compared to having blinkers. They obscure our understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our medical system today. We may lose sight of what opportunities and challenges lie before us as a nation.


The Land and the People

Chapter 1: Prehistory | Chapter 2: The Beginning of British Involvement (1786-1867) | Chapter 3: Colonial Rule Before the Twentieth Century (1867-1895)

The Twentieth Century

Chapter 4: Thirty Years of Spectacular Progress (1895-1929) | Chapter 5: The Depression Years and Economic Recovery (1929-1941) | Chapter 6: The Japanese Occupation (1941-1945) | Chapter 7: Towards Independence (1945-1957)

Independent Malaysia

Chapter 8: From Malaya to Malaysia (1957-1968) | Chapter 9: Developing the Nation (1969-1979) | Chapter 10: The Mahathir Era (1980-1989) | Chapter 11: The Close of the Twentieth Century | Chapter 12: The Twenty First Century

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