Humeirah by Sabah Carrim (Ripples Publishing)

Humeirah by Sabah Carrim (Ripples Publishing)
Author: Sabah Carrim
Subjects: Fiction, Mauritius
Condition: Good
Publisher: Ripples Publishing
Published: 2012
Paperback, 338 pages
Humeirah - A story about Beauty, Existence and Wisdom

Humeirah is the story of a woman who faces the silence and the void amid the noise and clamor of a close knit society.

Intelligent, reflective, and a keen-observer of the disharmony and hypocrisy of the people who surround her, she is on the constant lookout for something deeper and more sincere.

Instead, she faces the incongruences with which society deals with the beautiful and provocative Sana; or even her own husband Haider, whom society reveres for reasons that don't make sense. A certain distance sets in between Humeirah and her daughter Warissah, as the former fears that getting close to her daughter would mean passing on the flaws and defects that society has labeled her with.

Humeirah is an introspective story of a woman born on the island of Mauritius. It is also about the Kutchi Mehmans who live on that island; their arrogance and their sense of superiority over all other Indian-Muslim immigrants.

The action in this story is incidental to the main ideas and reflections about life. The book was written with no commercial interests in mind; it was neither written to dazzle, nor climb to some sort of climax, and then ease out into a happy, optimistic and false ending.

This book was written for those few who feel isolated because of the tyranny of majority; and for those who can't come to terms with the incongruences among people; and for those who feel that the questions that they have directed to society and its people, have not given them any answers; but merely furthered their isolation.

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