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Flowed Over by Carol Yong Ooi Lin

-20% Flowed Over by Carol Yong Ooi Lin

This book discusses the various changes in the lives of the Kadanzandusun indigenous community of Kampung Tampasak in Penampang Sabah, due to the construction of Babgon Dam which resulted in their resettlement. The changes take many forms social, economical, psychological and cultural - but none is so significant as the loss of their ancestral lands and natural resources. 

This book argues that the burden of change is often far greater for women and that they have even less access to the benefits of edvelopementi that do men. This because women are faced prevalent gender inequalities in the family, community and society, in some form or other, which often affect their status and opportunities. Hence tha call for greater attention to be given to womenis needs to enable the to cope with the changes brought about by resettlement. 

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