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Ancient Chinese Teaching Wang Haiyan, Xu Ying, Chen Guoan

Out Of Stock Ancient Chinese Teaching Wang Haiyan, Xu Ying, Chen Guoan

Publisher: Han Culture Centre Malaysia & Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP)

Author: Wang Haiyan, Xu Ying, & Chen Guoan

Page: 82 pg

Year of issue: 2018

Language: English

Binder type: Softcover

This is a book which introduces the readers to have basic understanding about ancient Chinese teachings. Ranging from wisdom, being and non-being, non-aggression, democracy, oneness of heaven and man, education, history, materialism, warcraft, unity, social man and politics, all the cultural teachings by ancient scholars like Confucius, Laozi, Mozi, Mencius, Zhuangzi, Xunzi, Han Feizi and more are linked to modern life and society. It can be said that even the teachings were from diferent dynasties, yet they are still applicable and acceptable in today's society. 

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