Complexity Of FTAs: A Key Issue In Malaysian Trade Policy

-67% Complexity Of FTAs: A Key Issue In Malaysian Trade Policy

Publisher: Khazanah Nasional

Page: 320 pages

Year of issue: 2015

Language: English

In an earlier era, entrepot trade was an important component of Malaya's economy. Modern Malaysia's open economy and liberal trading policies ensure that international trade will continue to be a significant platform for economic growth.

Global trade today is conducted between nations within rules and provisions in various forms of trading arrangements, including free trade agreements, of 'FTAs'. Specific obligations and terms of trade are laid out for every aspect of trade, including competition and intellectual property rights protection, in different key sectors such as the services sector. These provisions, obligations and requirements are not presented in neat packages, but are found in different parts of an agreement.

Stakeholders in the public and private sector are at risk of costs and uncertainty if they do not have sufficient grasp of the complexities inherent in FTAs. With better understanding, best outcomes may be achieved. This book is targeted at policymakers, trade negotiators, investors and business, and the consumer at large.

'The existing literature on such issues is either scarce or dated. The present volume, with notable contributions from eminent scholars, helps fill the void'

Prof. Mohamed Ariff

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