British Policy and Malay Politics During the Malayan Union Experiment 1942-1948

British Policy and Malay Politics During the Malayan Union Experiment 1942-1948


Introduction: the government of Malaya and the development of Malay politics before the Japanese invasion

  1. Malay political developments during the Japanese occupation of Malaya 1942-45
  2. The emergence of a new British policy for Malaya 1942-45
  3. Conflict—September 1945 to April 1946
  4. The Malay response to the Malayan Union—principles and practicalities
  5. Constitutional negotiations and Malay politics
  6. UMNO and the Malays 1946-48
  7. Malay radicalism 1945-48
  8. Cult movements and the struggle for political control in the kampong 1945-48
  9. The Malayan Union in retrospect

Anthony John Stockwell is one of the leading historians specialising in British imperialism and decolonisation in Southeast Asia. Professor Stockwell was educated at Whitgift School in London and St. John's College, Cambridge. After stints as a teacher and an assistant principal in the home civil service, Professor Stockwell completed his PhD at London University's School of Oriental and African Studies, upon which the present MBRAS monograph was based. Professor Stockwell was appointed to the History Department at Royal Holloway College in 1972. In 1996, he was promoted to Professor of Imperial and Commonwealth History. In 1989, Professor Stockwell became joint editor of the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. He has also served his college as Dean of Overseas Students, Dean of the Faculties of Arts and Music and Head of the History Department. Professor Stockwell served as President of the Royal Asiatic Society in 2000-2003.

Author A.J. Stockwell
Cover Paperback
Pages 206
Published 1979

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Tags: Colonialism, British Empire, Malaya, Malayan Union