Momster Unleashed | Madiha Khan

Momster Unleashed | Madiha Khan

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

Page: 204 pg

Author: Madiha Khan

Issue Year: 2020

Have you ever seen a mother run around the room trying to feed her kids? Or better yet, have you ever seen a mother arguing with her kids about things that don't even make sense? This book is nothing that is out of the ordinary, in fact it is a book that contains numerous anecdotes of how a simple life becomes spontaneous, unpredictable and exciting. These stories will make you relive the horrors, the joys, the traumas and the jubilation of a mother living a rollercoaster in  Dubai. I am sure a read through these anecdotes will bring a smile on your face and, in some cases, will prepare you for the eventuality of becoming a parents. It will help you brace the ups and downs her kids that the real beauty of life lies in the little things around us, while embracing every challenge life throws at her. 

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