Natrah: In The Name Of Love

Natrah: In The Name Of Love

This is the biography of Natrah: a Dutch girl who was fostered and raised by a Malay woman. Her true story shook the world in 1950 for – unintentionally on her part – her case awakened the Malays to rise up and demonstrate; to defend Islam and to liberate themselves from the colonials.

A court decision forced her to return to the Netherlands. She became traumatized for the rest of her life after being immersed in Western culture, while her being was ingrained with the East. She was then made to become a child again when, in fact, she was already joined in marriage. She was eventually married three times, yet continued to hold the memory of Mansor Adabi close to her heart…

She entered adulthood in a state of confusion; her emotionally-damaging experiences made her wary of religion, the Malays and the issue of the riots up to the end of her life in 2009. She clung only to love to the extent her last wishes were that her body should not be buried, for fear that it would be claimed by many.

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