Plates Volume 4 : Seeds

Plates Volume 4 : Seeds

Plates is a food culture magazine that seeks hyperlocal stories with a global relevance.

Volume 4 : Seeds features the underreported hyperlocal stories of North Sumatran coffee as well as the ad hoc creation of a living seed bank that holds over a hundred times more dipterocarp species than any multi-million dollar global seed bank.

This issue hopes to inspire you to not only think about the seeds that you choose to plant and consume, but noticing how we carry and spread the seeds in the little things we do.

Original features include:

  • ‘A Living Seed Bank’, the observations and ad hoc operations of the makings of an ex situ seed bank in Kampung Cempedak ‘Cempedak Village’, Kuang, Malaysia while seeking answers to “Why bother planting something we can’t eat?”
  • ‘Orange Was the New Black’, a story set across several villages in Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia, about a resilient seed and the people intertwined with it.
  • ‘Nature’s Perfect Bead’, a photo essay about the sacred and aesthetic uses of Job’s tears, by documentarian and Bertha Fellow, Puah Sze Ning.
  • ‘From Ground to Plate: It’s Not that Simple’ an unconventional story about quinoa, a story collected from its location of origin in Luquina Chico, Peru, by Fiona Cheung.

Recipes in this issue:

  • Nutmeg Fruit Syrup; Fennel Bee’s Knees and Cardamom Espresso Martini
Pages 96
Published 2021

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