Raja Bersiong : The Dracula of Malaysia

Raja Bersiong : The Dracula of Malaysia

ISBN : 9834077181

Author : Dr. Gilbert Rethual

Pages : 142pg

The life of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin of Kedah, is an excellent study of Stress. He was under the influence of several stressors. 

He is a true patriot in spite of all odds. he had to deal with the Siamese, the British, the Burmese, and of course the local Chieftains. 

It is an inspiring story that ought to be made into an epic movie, about the darkest years of early Malaysian history. 

Raja Bersiong is the story of a good man who was given a bad deal by other novelists. He was not a vampire. He was a good prince and a folk hero who did great things for his people. 

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