Spirit Carvings Of The Mah Meri Of Malaysia (Hardback)

Spirit Carvings Of The Mah Meri Of Malaysia (Hardback)
Author: Peter Crowe
New Pb253 pp.
Subjects: Orang Asli, Malaysia
Condition: Good
Publisher: Centre for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC)
Published: 2016
Over the years the Mah Meri have become noted for producing extremely fine spirit carvings made out of wood sourced from the mangroves.

Spirit Carvings of the Mah Meri contains photographs of an extensive collection of some of these Mah Meri masks and sculptures. Apart from a brief history of the Mah Meri and the background to their spiritual beliefs, this book also delves into the background of the carvers who produced these works of art, historically and up to the present.

There are now an increasing number of international collectors of these works of art. This affords the Mah Meri an opportunity to earn a living at a time when they, in common with other groups of Orang Asli, find their lifestyle coming under increasing threat from outside influences. Spirit Carvings of the Mah Meri seeks to preserve the designs of the carvings produced by this talented people.

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