The Legacy And Heritage Of Loke Chow Kit

The Legacy And Heritage Of Loke Chow Kit

"He spoke English, Malay and various Chinese dialects with equal facility, looked dignified and reserved and was a man of considerable brain power, progressive and liberal in his views ... " 

                On Loke Chow Kit, The Malay Weekly Mail. 5th September 1918

Many Malaysians know of Chow Kit district, but not many know of the man it was named after. In this book, the vast history left behind by Loke Chow Kit and his contributions to the growth and development of the Malaysia that we know and love today, will finally be explored. Its contents, with more than 300 images, will let readers have a glimpse of Chow Kit's personal life and many businesses, and will go over the tangible cultural heritage that were associated to him in the past that can still be seen at present day. A beacon and figurehead of the Malayan Community, Chow Kit's contributions will finally be acknowledged and immortalised in this book, for you, the reader, and the next generations.

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