The Library of Sighs by Wong Ming Yook

The Library of Sighs by Wong Ming Yook
Author: Wong Ming Yook
New Pb159 pp.
Subjects: Fiction, Malaysia
Condition: Good
Publisher: Wong Ming Yook
Published: 2015
Love, the force that sustains life, holds up the pages of this book of short stories. A librarian's practical affection for her new assistant; a young woman coming to terms with her mother not loving her; two wives struggling with the memory of an unfaithful and bigamous husband; an elderly woman whose heart retains a soft spot for her park friends even as her limbs are ravaged by illness; despairing love, unrequited feelings, an illicit affair ... The love for life infuses hope, energy and joy in these stories that draw you into the heart and soul of characters that are palpably real and ethereal.



Wong Ming Yook taught Literature in the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. The Library of Sighs is her second collection of short stories. She published her first collection of short stories in 2014, entitled In the Courtyard of the Sun.

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