The Taste Of China: Roundup Of China's Eight Cuisines

The Taste Of China: Roundup Of China's Eight Cuisines

Publisher: Han Culture Chinese Malaysia & ITBM

Author: Li Xin 

Page: 131pg

Year of issue: 2017

Language: English

Binder type: Softcover

China is one of the birthplace of human civilizations. The Chinese nation has created a splendid culture through long-term production and arduous practice. Chinese cooking an integral part of Chinese culture, boasts a long history and rich connotation. Chinese cooking, a valuable asset of Chinese culture, is known to the world for its superb skills, diverse flavors and therapeutic effect. To develop and disseminate traditional Chinese food culture, to help our foreign friend get a better understanding of Chinese cuisine culture, the author combines traditional Chinese food culture with the Malaysian eating habits. 

The book is divide into three parts, including the outline of Chinese cooking and the making of eight famous Chinese cuisines with detailed text and beautiful illustrations. When selecting the dishes, both the raw materials and taste are taken into consideration. With the highlight of green cooking method and its feasibility, the book is suitable for people who love to cook. 

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