Toyol 'R' Us

Toyol 'R' Us

Publisher: Fixi Novo

Author: Terence Toh

Page: 249 pg

Year of issue: 2021

Language: English

All around Kuala Lumpur, people are being found dead in their homes, their bodies completely drained of blood. The victims have nothing in common..except they were all suspiciously wealthy.

At a crime scene, Inspector Khairul encounters the enigmatic Detective Fara Astaka, an occult investigator who reveals to him the hidden supernatural side of Kuala Lumpur. Someone is manipulating the city's toyol, turning them from mischievous thieves to vicious killers!

There is a company right at the heart of this : TOYOL 'R' Us. While it appears cheery on the surface, there are sinister schemes at work behind its attractive promotions and free umbrella deals. How is the company connected to the murders? And can Khairul and Fara catch the killer?

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