Bra Strap : Stories Hidden Beneath The Strings

Bra Strap : Stories Hidden Beneath The Strings

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

Page: 112 pg

Author: Vartika Sharma Lekhak

Issue Year: 2020

A Bra Straps is not supposed to be seen, at least this is what the social norms dictate in many cultures. We try to hide it behind the thick straps of under-slip or hook it in the blouse so that it is not exposed. It becomes almost a sisterhood obligation to tuck-in bra straps of fellow females if their strap crosses its boundary 'unknowingly'. However hard one may try, the straps are still there, having an invisible presence. They taunt you from those layers of fabrics which are trying helplessly to smother them. They snap and they move with any movement of their owners. 

Despite all the cautions, all the deliberation, the straps are still there, staring stubbornly into your face. This is what the book exposes. The stories everyday women, real women, who hide their identity, their femininity, their weakness and desires behind the layers of commitment, duties, social obligation, but the 'real-you' is still there, like a bra-strap, snapping and exposing. 

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