Unbelievably Stupid Too!

Unbelievably Stupid Too!
Author/Editor: Kee Thuan Chye
New Pb209 pp.
Subjects: Malaysia, Politics
Condition: Good
Publisher: Gerakbudaya
Published: 2015
Probably First Edition
First Published: 2015
Just when you thought the stupidity, duplicity and lies had stopped flowing from Putrajaya, the comedy capital of Malaysia, here’s more!

Join no-bullshit writer Kee Thuan Chye in laughing at the people in power and assorted others as he shows the stupidity of their words and actions.

More importantly, see clearly for yourselves the corrupt political culture that pervades the daily lives of Malaysians. There’s a lot of funny ha-ha in this book but also a lot of the dark side of Putrajaya.

Reading this is better than reading a joke book – you never would have guessed that real-life politics was ever so much fun!

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