Universities And The Life Of The Mind

Universities And The Life Of The Mind

Publisher: Islamic Book Trust

Author: K.G. Saiyidain

Page: 320 pages

Year of issue: 2020

Language: English

This book analyses the crucial role played by the mind of man in broadening and deepening his life and giving it enduring meaning. It also refers to the part played by universities generally in this process and examines at length the situation in Indian universities at present.While arguing against a rigid separation of the world of matter from the world of mind, the author stresses the superiority of the latter and cautions against a wrong reorientation being given to our adventure of technical and economic development. The primary purpose of education, he feels, is not to facilitate economic development, but the pursuit of truth. The purpose of the university is not to be sought in the performance of the conventional tasks assigned to it, but in helping the growing generation to understand and be able to meet new problems and challenges with intelligence, courage and dignity.Dr Saiyidain has raised issues which deserve the careful attention of intellectuals, thinkers. educationists and all others who are interested in ensuring a better future for our society–a future not visualized exclusively in terms of raising the standards of living, but even more concerned with asking what we are to live for.

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