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Venture Forth : Untold Stories of A Culture Junkie | Wendy Chin

Venture Forth : Untold Stories of A Culture Junkie | Wendy Chin

Publisher: Wendy Chin

Author: Wendy Chin

Page: 187 pg

Year of issue: 2020

Letting go of a 'comfortable' corporate job and making the change to freelancing has been the best decision Wendy has ever made. 

She is a history and culture buff and is always on the lookout for unusual routes and less travelled countries, with more authenticity of such. 

With better time management, she has travelled to some amazing places - crossing the Karakoram Highway from China to Pakistan, travelled on the Trans-Siberian Railways route, traversing the countries along the ancient Silk Road (from Xian in China to Central Asian, Eurasian countries and Europe), Galapagos Island (Ecuador), Christmas Island (Australia) and Easter Island (Chile). In this books, she shared her personal travelling experiences in a light & easy story-telling way, engaging you to see the adventurous, the humorous, some scary and the kind and helpful people she met in her journey. 

She has been to sixty countries and counting. 

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