War With Epilepsy : The Cockroach Spirit of Ivy Soon | Ivy Soon

War With Epilepsy : The Cockroach Spirit of Ivy Soon | Ivy Soon

Publisher: Dream Educare Advisory

Author: Ivy Soon

Page: 151 pages

Year of issue: 2021

Language: English

Binder Type: Softcover

"Chooi Yoke is a true testament that life does offer a second chance. Medical advances have brought many new treatments which cure epilepsy patients. However, one other major challenge for the patients is the harm or damage caused by people's discrimination and prejudice."

Professor Dr. Lim Kheng Seang

"I learned that Ivy suffered from epilepsy. Her frequent attacks caused both her teachers and classmates to be alarmed. Not understanding her problem, her classmate became afraid, fearing her disease might be contagious. Some started to spread cruel rumours about her. They ostracised and avoided her."

Christine Lim (Afternoon Supervisor)

"She is really a gem; resolute once she has decided on something. She will pursue until the end, giving up is not a vocabulary in her dictionary. Even if it takes years to achieve something. Also, when it was a 50-50 chance of survival whether to go ahead with her brain operation or retreat, she  went ahead without thinking twice as she wanted to make a difference to her family, friends and society and show them who she truly is - a GEM whom every one of you should get to know, upon the successful, extremely risky procedure."

Ivy Teh (Sweet Angel Teacher)

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