A New Malaysia: Beyond Race, Politics and Religion

Out Of Stock A New Malaysia: Beyond Race, Politics and Religion
Author/Editor: Joaquim Huang
New Pb129 pp.
Subjects: Politics, Religion
Condition: Good
Publisher: SIRD
Published: 2015
Do you want a new and better Malaysia?

Vicious politics turning democracy into gladiatorial combat, heightened distrust polarising ethnic groups, competing supremacist claims intensifying religious disharmony – we are roller-coastering into an uncertain future.

It’s time for a new alliance – between science and spirituality – to lead the way beyond communal exclusivism. With penetrating insight, A New Malaysia busts the nation’s oversized racial balloons and dispels theocratic notions that secular laws are fundamentally inferior to divine law. The noblest secular laws are also divine, arising from the same source as sacred law: the Federal Constitution (Part 2 Clauses 6 and 8) is an outstanding example. If our politicians can only see divine law and secular law in conflict, then they are gladiators unfit to rule.

A New Malaysia calls for inclusive governance through establishment of non-partisan senates at state level and invigoration of the existing Dewan Negara or national senate. Our senators must initiate broad reforms to rid society of frozen paradigms, especially belligerent worldviews that pitch religions against one another in a devastating conflict of civilisations.

The emerging partnership of science and spirituality reveals a tapestry of unbroken wholeness and fundamental unity that contains the solution to all our Malaysian dilemmas.

This is a ‘must read’ book for anyone with an interest in the direction and future of Malaysia.

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