Gerakbudaya Bookstore PJ is closed on 26 and 27 December 2019 for our annual stocktake. We open as usual, 10AM to 7PM from 28 December onwards. For orders made between 25 December 2019 and 1 January 2020,we will ship them beginning 2 January. If you have questions, please contact or WhatsApp +60 10-215 8342.

About Us

Established in 2000 Gerakbudaya is a publisher and distributor of books that embody social awareness, critical & alternative perspectives, and the hidden histories of Malaysia, Southeast Asia & the wider world we live in.

Gerakbudaya is dedicated to the circulation of timely and important books, to breaking down artificial barriers between writers/thinkers and between institutions and the outside world, and generating informed discussions on important issues in Malaysian life by providing different views and fresh insights.

As a publisher Gerakbudaya, alongside its academic imprint Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD)is committed to publishing original and thought provoking books which produce a critical awareness of Malaysian politics, history, culture and society. Through our Gerakbudaya imprint we publish accessible non-fiction works and a range of fiction titles with political and social themes. Through our SIRD imprint we publish academic works outside of the confines of the university.

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