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The Headman Was A Woman : The Gender Egalitarian Batek of Malaysia

The Headman Was A Woman : The Gender Egalitarian Batek of Malaysia

Publisher: Center For Orang Asli Concerns

Year of publishing: 2020

Pages: 249 pg

A comprehensive ethnography of one of the few remaining hunting and gathering peoples of Southeast Asia, The Headman Was A Woman presents the gender concepts, roles, and relations of the highly egalitarian Batek of Peninsula Malaysia. Based on longtime fieldwork, the book describes the lives of Batek men and women in the tropical rainforest, and includes discussions of fieldwork, hunting and gathering, social organization, religion, gender, nonviolence and cultural persistence in the face of a changing landscape. 

Rich in detail yet clearly written, The Headman Was A Woman introduces readers to an egalitarian people whose way of life is both thought-provoking and rare. 

The ethnography is accompanied by a 37-minute DVD, The Batek: Rainforest Foragers of Kelantan, Malaysia. Footage shows vivid highlights of camp life and social activities as well as all of the important economics processes described in the book. 

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Tags: Living On The Periphery : Development and Islamization among the Orang Asli in Malaysia