The Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle

The Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle
Author: Dr Murugar Gunasingam
Subjects: Politics, Sri Lanka
Condition: Good
Publisher: MV Publications
Published: 2012
Paperback, 388 pages
This book is a broad history of the Tamil struggle for independence and freedom in the latter half of the 20th century. It covers topics such as the failure of democracy, the emergence of freedom fighters and the involvement of India. It also concludes that the use of state-sponsored terrorism such as ethnic cleansing, detention, rape and torture eventually led to the call for a Tamil state and the emergence of the LTTE. The author gives his view on the future of the struggle for Tamil Eelam.

Dr Murugar Gunasingam has written four research books including the critically acclaimed ‘Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism: A Study of its Origins’ and ‘Tamils in Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive History (C. 300 B.C. – C. 2000 AD)’. Gunasingam gained a Ph.D in History from the University of Sydney, under the Australian Post-graduate Scholarship Award. He also received a Master degree from the University of London.

Gunasingam currently works as a research fellow at the South Asian Studies Centre, Sydney. He has also served at Charles Sturt University, the University of Western Sydney and the University of Jaffna throughout his career.

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