Love’s Travelogue : A Personal Poetry Collection

Love’s Travelogue : A Personal Poetry Collection
Author: Tan Jing Quee
New Pb92 pp.
Subjects: Poetry, Singapore
Condition: Good
Publisher: May Publishing
Published: 2004
Tan became a political detainee on account of being involved in communist united front activities. He was later released and joined the law profession.
He is an avid author, and in this collection compiled by his daughter, These poems, as he says, began as observations of life and travel, of looking back at the past and considering the present.

Tan begins at Home, where the heart is, and Hearth, his family, and moves on to Window, looking out to the rest of the world. Tan’s works are lyric and pleasant to read, giving the reader a taste of his own perspective of love and life.

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