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Smoke: A Public Diary

Smoke: A Public Diary

Publisher: Leia Hassan

Author: Leia Hassan

Year of issue: 2021

Language: English

How To Understand This Book:

This book is a concise recollection of certain memories and experiences. 

I took a subject called 'Mathematical writing' in university and my lecturer always reminded us that if we couldn't make a statement as concise as possible, then we haven't fully understood it.

Obviously this isn't Mathematics, but every piece has a memory or experience behind it, but I have written it in a way that more general and (hopefully) relatable. 

I will always know what each piece means, but i hope that you'll find your own meaning behind these words.

This is not a poetry book, as I am not poet.

This is my book of public secret that I'd like to share with the world

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