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A People's History of Malaysia: With Emphasis on the Development of Nationalism

This book presents a brief people’s history of Malaysia (formerly Malaya). Its approach is different..


Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munshi

In 2 VolumesAuthor: Hadijah RahmatISBN: 978981120720Pages: 1276Year of Issue: 2020This set..


Affirmative Action or Discrimination?

A Comparative Study of Higher Education in the US and Malaysia Author: Kong Wee Cheng New Pb102 ..


Alamak! II : Whither Integrity?

Author: KJ John New Pb224 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Politics Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD Publ..


Alias Chin Peng: My Side Of History

Author: Chin Peng Subjects: Memoir, Malaysia, History Condition: Good Publisher: Media Masters Pu..


An Alternative Vision For Malaysia

Author: Jeyakumar Devaraj New Pb135 pp. Subject: Politics Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD Publi..


Awakening: The Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia

Editors: Bridget Welsh & James U.H. Chin New Pb620 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Politics Condition..


Bangsa Melayu (English Version)

Malay Concepts of Democracy and Community, 1945–1950 (Second Edition) Author: Ariffin Omar Forewor..


Becoming Hannah: A Personal Journey

Hannah’s story is not only about politics. It is about a spiritual journey of self-discovery. It is ..


Being Malaysia by Steven Sim

"An impressive, insightful effort. In it, Steven writes about his reflections over the years as an M..


Brave New World: Greatest Hits

Author: Azmi Sharom New Pb272 pp. Subjects: Education, Law, Malaysia, Politics Condition: Good P..


Coalitions in Collision: Malaysia's 13th General Elections

Editors: Johan Savaranamuttu Lee Hock Guan Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman New Pb309 pp. Subjects: M..


Concept of a Hero in Malay Society

"The author of this book attempts to study the Malay conception of the hero as projected by the ruli..


Controlled Chaos: Essays on Malaysia's New Politics

Essays on Malaysia's New Politics Beyond Mahathirism and the Multimedia Super CorridorAuthor: Azly R..

Dialog: Thoughts On Tunku's Timeless Thinking -82%

Dialog: Thoughts On Tunku's Timeless Thinking

DIALOG is a major new anthology of Tunku Abdul Rahman's enduring wit and wisdom, and the respon..

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Diplomatically Speaking

Dispatches from the Best Democracy We Never HadAuthor: Dennis J. IgnatiusPaperback, 229 pagesSubject..


Electoral Dynamics in Malaysia: Findings from the Grassroots

Findings from the GrassrootsEditor: Meredith L. WeissNew Pb249 pp.Subject: PoliticsCondition: GoodPu..

Electoral Dynamics in Sarawak -67%

Electoral Dynamics in Sarawak

Editors: Meredith L. Weiss and Arnold Puyok Subjects: History, Politics, Southeast Asia Pb 120pp ..

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Failed Nation?: Concerns of a Malaysian Nationalist

Author: Rustam A. Sani Paperback, 180 pages Subjects: Malaysian Politics Condition: Good Publish..


Finding Malaysia: Making Sense of an Eccentric Nation

Author: Zairil Khir Johari New Pb312 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Condition: Good Pu..


Fong Chong Pik: The Memoirs of a Malayan Communist Revolutionary

Author: Fong Chong Pik Paperback, 286  pages Subjects: Malaysian Politics, Memoir Condition: Good..

From BMF to 1MDB: A Criminological and Sociological Discussion -69%

From BMF to 1MDB: A Criminological and Sociological Discussion

A Criminological and Sociological DiscussionAuthor: Teh Yik KoonPaperback, 450 pagesSubject: Politic..

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Gender Responsive & Participatory Budgeting

Imperatives for Equitable Public Expenditure Editor: Cecilia Ng New Pb210 pp. Subjects: Economics..


Kaleidoscope: The Memoirs of P.G. Lim

Author: P.G. Lim Hardback, 397 pages Subjects: History, Memoir, Malaysia Condition: Good Publish..


Ketuanan Melayu: A Story of the Thinking Norm of the Malay Political Elite

AB Sulaiman was born in a remote jungle-fringe traditional Malay village named Kampong Selayang. Tod..


Liberal, Malay And Malaysian: Writings Of A Walking Contradiction

Author: Zan Azlee 212 pages, paperback Subjects: Memoir, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: Ger..


Malay Ideas on Development: From Feudal Lord to Capitalist

Author: Shaharuddin Maaruf New Pb204 pp. Subjects: Development, Economics, Malaysia, Politics, Soc..

Malay Kingship in Kedah: Religion, Trade, and Society -50%

Malay Kingship in Kedah: Religion, Trade, and Society

Author: Maziar Mozaffari Falarti New Pb225 pp. Subject: Politics Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD..

RM40.00 RM20.00

Malaysia In Troubled Times

Economic Challenges, Difficult Decisions and the Malaysian Economy Author: Shankaran Nambiar New..


Malaysia's 14th General Election: The Big Issues

Author: Kua Kia Soong New Pb137 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Politics Condition: Good Publisher:..


MAY 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots (50th Anniversary Edition)

This is the first credible account of the May 13, 1969 racial riots/pogrom in Malaysia using documen..


Media and Elections : Democratic Transition in Malaysia

Democratic Transition in MalaysiaEditors: James Gomez, Mustafa K. Anuar, and Yuen Beng LeePaperback,..

Merdeka For The Mind -64%

Merdeka For The Mind

Essays on Malaysian Struggles in the 21st Century Author: Ooi Kee Beng New Pb137 pp. Subjects: Ma..

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Minister of Finance Incorporated

Authors: Terence Gomez with Thirshalar Padmanabhan, Norfaryanti Kamaruddin, Sunil Bhalla and Fikri F..


My Dear Papa By Nurul Hana Anwar

Author: Nurul Hana Anwar New Pb108 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Condition: Good Publ..


No Country for Righteous Men and Other Essays in a Culture of Offendedness

New Pb383 pp.Condition: GoodPublisher: SIRDPublished: 2013No Country for Righteous Men is a collecti..


One Malaysia, Under God, Bipolar: Essays on Society, Schooling and Salvation

In this fine collection of opinion pieces, the respected and sagacious public intellectual Azly Rahm..


Our Cities, Our Homes: People, Places and Passions

The world has been in a state of disruptive flux for decades. This transformation signals an unfoldi..


Power Sharing in a Divided Nation

Mediated Communalism and New Politics in Six Decades of Malaysia's Elections Author: Johan Sarava..

Racism & Racial Discrimination in Malaysia (New Edition) Out Of Stock

Racism & Racial Discrimination in Malaysia (New Edition)

This is the second edition of Kua Kia Soong's classic expose of racism & racial discrimination i..

Regime Resilience in Malaysia and Singapore -30%

Regime Resilience in Malaysia and Singapore

Author/Editor: Greg Lopez and Bridget WelshPaperback 333 pp.Subjects: Political Science, Malaysia, S..

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Reversal Of Verdict: Anwar Ibrahim Goes Back To Prison

Author: Pawancheek Marican Subjects: Politics, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: Gerakbudaya P..


Rhetoric and Realities

Zaharom Nain is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Nottingham Ma..


Seeds Of Dissent - Selected Essays On Political Reforms And Social Change

Selected Essays on Political Reforms and Social Change Author/Editor: Khoo Ying Hooi New Pb224 p..


Social Roots of the Malay Left

Author: Rustam A. Sani Subjects: Malaysia, History, Politics Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD Yea..

Taming the Wild: Aborigines and Racial Knowledge in Colonial Malaya Out Of Stock

Taming the Wild: Aborigines and Racial Knowledge in Colonial Malaya

Author: Sandra Khor Manickam Subjects: Malaysia, Indigenous Studies, History Condition: Good Publ..


Thaipusam in Malaysia: A Hindu Festival in the Tamil Diaspora

Author: Carl Vadivella Belle New Pb401 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Ethnic Studies, Politics Condition..


The Chinese Language Movement in Malaysia, 1952-1967

Language, Ethnicity and Nation-Building in a Plural SocietyAuthors: Tan Yao Sua & Teoh Hooi SeeN..


The Emergence and Widening of Ethnic Divide in the Malaysian Educational System

Authors: Sezali Md Darit & Tan Yao Sua New Pb79 pp. Subjects: Education, Ethnic Studies Condi..


The History of Medicine and Health in Malaysia

Author: Lim Kean GheeISBN: 9789834080013Pages: 236Year of Issue: 2016From the PrefaceI have heard it..


The Majority-Minority Nexus: Education of Ethnic Minorities in Plural Societies

Authors/Editors: R. Santhiram Tan Yao Sua New Pb119 pp. Subjects: Education, Ethnic Studies, Soci..

The Malaysian Estates Staff Provident Fund 1947-2017 -53%

The Malaysian Estates Staff Provident Fund 1947-2017

In this book, Jerayaj C. Rajarao provides a detailed and compelling account of the first provident f..

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The Malaysian Islamic Party PAS 1951-2013 -55%

The Malaysian Islamic Party PAS 1951-2013

Islamism in a Mottled Nation Author: Farish A Noor New Pb260 pp. Subjects: History & Biogra..

RM40.00 RM18.00

The Memoirs of Shamsiah Fakeh

Shamsiah Fakeh was a leader in the independence movement among a group of Malay women who fought per..


The Other Malaysia: Writings on Malaysia's Subaltern History

Author: Farish A. Noor Subjects: Essays, History, Culture Condition: Good Publisher: Silverfish B..


The People's Chief Minister: Lim Guan Eng

Author: Tomato New Pb168 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Politics Condition: Good Publisher: Democr..


The People’s Constitutional Proposals for Malaya (70th Anniversary Edition)

Author: Syed Husin Ali, Ariffin Omar, Jeyakumar Devaraj, Fahmi RezaPaperback, 144 pagesSubject: Mala..


Thinking Through Malaysia: Culture and Identity in the 21st century

Editors: Julian Hopkins & Julian CH Lee Subjects: Social Life, Culture, Politics, Malaysia Con..


Tragic Orphans: Indians in Malaysia

Author: Carl Vadivella Belle Subjects: History, Ethnic Studies, Malaysia Condition: Good Publishe..


Two Faces: Detention Without Trial

Author: Syed Husin Ali New Pb169 pp. Subjects: Memoir, Politics Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD ..


Unapologetic By Boo Su-Lyn

Author: Boo Su-LynPaperback, 313 pagesSubjects: Women's rights, Social condition, MalaysiaCondition:..


Unbelievably Stupid Too!

Author/Editor: Kee Thuan Chye New Pb209 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Politics Condition: Good Publish..


Views from Pulau Pinang: Countering Modern Orientalism and Policy Perspectives

Views from Pulau Pinang brings together the writings of members of the Centre for Pol..


You Want This Goonvernment Ah?

Author: Kee Thuan ChyePages: 319Wah! Najib said RM500 could feed a whole family for a year! He bough..

1MDB The Scandal That Brought Down A Government -67%

1MDB The Scandal That Brought Down A Government

This book is a gripping account of the biggest, most audacious kleptocracy the world has ever known ..

RM60.00 RM20.00

509 The People Have Spoken : Essays On The Making of A New Malaysia

" the New Malaysia is not what Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Moh..


9 MAY 2018: Notes from the Frontline

9 May 2018 has now etched its place in Malaysia’s history as the day that the Barisan Nasional was f..

A History of Kuala Lumpur 1856-1939 -0%

A History of Kuala Lumpur 1856-1939

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the Malay ruler controlling the upper Klang Valley began br..

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A Journal in the Federal Capital -0%

A Journal in the Federal Capital

When George L. Peet arrived in Kuala Lumpur as the first correspondent for the Straits Times newspap..

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Alamak! All in God’s Name

A compilation of KJ John's articles published in Malaysiakini and other articles contributed by Zain..


Anatomy of an Electoral Tsunami

‘A magnificent tour de force of Malaysian politics leading up to the 9th May tsunami by three of our..


Behind Barbed Wire: Chinese New Villages During The Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960

"Behind Barbed Wire looks behind the façade to ask what it was really like to be moved to, and live ..

British Policy and Malay Politics During the Malayan Union Experiment 1942-1948 -0%

British Policy and Malay Politics During the Malayan Union Experiment 1942-1948

ContentsIntroduction: the government of Malaya and the development of Malay politics before the Japa..

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Catharsis : A Second Chance for Democracy in Malaysia

Malaysia pulled itself back from the brink on 9 May 2018. That day the majority of its voting popula..


Chinese Capitalism in Colonial Malaya 1900-1941

This book delineates the development of the Chinese sector of the economy in colonial Malaya under t..


Class, Race and Colonialism in Peninsular Malaysia: A Political History of Malaysian Indians

In Class, Race and Colonialism in Peninsular Malaysia: A Political History of Malaysian Indians, Mic..


Days of Hope: Real Reforms for 'New' Malaysia

The 14th General Election (GE14) defeat of the Barisan Nasional Coalition, which had ruled the count..

Dialog: Thoughts On Tunku's Timeless Thinking (Second Edition) -67%

Dialog: Thoughts On Tunku's Timeless Thinking (Second Edition)

Welcome to the 2nd edition of DIALOG, a major anthology of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s timeless wisdom – a..

RM60.00 RM20.00

Eat First, Talk Later

In this dazzling memoir Beth persuades her ageing parents on a road trip around their former home, M..


Educational Development in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges

Author: Tan Yao SuaPublisher: SIRDISBN: 9789672165699Year: 2019Binding Type : Softcover The dev..


Ghost Lives of the Pendatang: Informality and Cosmopolitan Contaminations in Urban Malaysia

Author: Parthiban MuniandyPublisher: SIRD + Palgrave MacmillanISBN: 9789672464211Pages : 1..


Historical Imagination And Cultural Responses To Colonialism And Nationalism

‘The basis of our historical imagination is the intellectual’s (or historian’s) critical thinking an..


Home is Not Here

As someone who has studied history for much of my life, I have found the past fascinating. But it ha..


Home is Where We Are

Does home have to be a country or a city?... Or is home this house or that? We have been fortunate....


Identity, Nationhood and State-Building in Malaysia

Identity, loyalty and nation building are key global challenges today. In the first part of this boo..

Income Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia -89%

Income Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia

This book traces Malaysia's economic expansion and evaluates the success of the government's New Eco..

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Iversen: Architect of Ipoh and Modern Malaya

Iversen: Architect of Ipoh and Modern Malaya, is a biography of the Danish architect B.M. Iversen (1..

Johor : Abode of Development? New

Johor : Abode of Development?

   In 1990, the Malaysian state of Johor—along with Singapore and the Indonesian island of..


Kaatu Perumal: Folk Hero Of Sungai Siput

In this piece of writing based on oral history, we get a glimpse of Perumal, the communist fighter w..


Local Democracy Denied? : A Personal Journey into Local Government In Malaysia

There are plenty of books on federal government and politics in Malaysia, but very few on local gove..

Local Outside: A Sabahan's View Of West Malaysia New

Local Outside: A Sabahan's View Of West Malaysia

Publisher: Sherra YeongAuthor: Sherra YeongPage: 134 pagesYear of issue: Sept 2021Language: EnglishF..


M KULA: From Estate To Cabinet

This is a rags to riches story of an estate boy whose determination to avert the limited prospects o..


Malaysia Human Rights Report 2018 : Civil and Political Rights

The publication of the SUARAM Human Rights Overview Report on Malaysia 2018 involves the efforts and..


Malaysia's 14th General Election and UMNO's Fall: Intra-Elite Feuding in the Pursuit of Power

The 2018 Malaysian General Election will stand as a major defining event in Malaysian history when t..


MALAYSIA: An Economy At The Edge Of Transformation (Pre and Post-Election Reflections on the Malaysian Economy)

Transformation without thought runs the risk of being short term or a kneejerk reaction to events. S..

Malaysian Fables, Folk Tales and Legends -0% Out Of Stock

Malaysian Fables, Folk Tales and Legends

From the Introduction to 'Fables and Folk Tales from an Eastern Forest' (1901) by Walter Skeat:The t..

RM45.00 RM45.00

May 9th 2018: The Day Malaysians Finally Opened Their Eyes and Saved the Nation!

A political tsunami struck Malaysia near midnight on 9th May 2018.The rulling coalition that had gov..


Minorities Matter: Malaysian Politics and People Volume III

‘This timely book centres on one of the Malaysian nation-state’s weakest spots: its peculiar constru..


New Naratif : The First Year

New Naratif: The First Year is a wide selection of our reported features, research articles and comi..


Our Architecture By Dr Tajuddin Rasdi

Still relevant despite the passage of time, Tajuddin Rasdi’s musings on the state of architecture in..