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English Books
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Penang Makan : Heritage Street Food Recipes

Publisher: Bulan PressAuthor: Dayana WongYear: 2021Pages: 152"Let me take you on a stroll throu..



Laluan ke kejayaan professional anda bermula dengan pandangan kritikal dalam cermin.Jika anda tidak ..


Peonies Into Sambal: A Collections Of Poems & Poems

Publisher: Phedora Lynn WilliamAuthor: PhedoraPage: 89 pagesYear of issue: 2021Language: EnglishPeon..

Perak and the Malays -0%

Perak and the Malays

From the Preface by the Author (1878)    This Malayan State, it will be remember..

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Perceptions: Essays on Translation And Literature of The Malay World

Publisher: UKM PublicationAuthor: Harry AvelingPage: 266 pagesYear of issue: 2019Language: EnglishTh..

Plague Fighter: The Autobiography Of A Modern Chinese Physician -0%

Plague Fighter: The Autobiography Of A Modern Chinese Physician

Publisher: Areca BooksAuthor: Wu Lien-TehPage: 667 pagesYear of issue: 2021 (reprint)Language: Engli..

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Planting Empire, Cultivating Subjects : British Malaya, 1786–1941 -0%

Planting Empire, Cultivating Subjects : British Malaya, 1786–1941

'Planting Empire, Cultivating Subjects' examines the stories of ordinary people to explore the inter..

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Poems From The Jungle Boy

Publisher : Harini Management Sdn BhdYear Of Published : 2021Pages : 128 pagesAuthor : Maya GreenLan..


Poetry To Motivate | Dr. Gilbert Rethual

Publisher: An Eagle PublicationAuthor: Dr. Gilbert RethualPage: 136 pgYear of issue: 2015I've always..


Popular Music in East and Southeast Asia: Sonic (under)Currents and Currencies

Popular Music in East and Southeast Asia: Sonic (under)Currents and Currencies presents contemp..


PROTECTOR?: An Analysis of the Concept and Practice of Loyalty in Leader-led Relationships within Malay Society

Author:  Chandra MuzaffarISBN: 9789672464150Publisher: SIRDPages : 151pg‟It is granted that the..


Raja Bersiong : The Dracula of Malaysia

ISBN : 9834077181Author : Dr. Gilbert RethualPages : 142pgThe life of Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin of Kedah..


Recalling Forgotten Tastes | Syarifah Nadhirah

Publisher: Syarifah NadhirahAuthor: Syarifah NadhirahPages: 71Year of Issue: 2020Recalling Forgetten..


Remembering the Samsui Women: Migration And Social Memory In Singapore And China

In the early twentieth century, thousands of women from the Samsuiarea of Guangdong, China migrated ..


Revisiting Malaya: Uncovering Historical and Political Thoughts in Nusantara

Malaysian Studies Series No. 1"The contents of this volume go a long way to furthering our understan..


Ronggeng-Ronggeng : Malaysian Short Stories

Publisher: Maya PressPage: 326 pagesYear of issue: 2019Language: EnglishRonggeng-Ronggeng: Malaysian..


RUKUNEGARA : Selayang Pandang | A Brief Introduction

Penerbit :  Kala Pubishers Sdn BhdHalaman : 90 m/sPenulis : Eddin KhooTahun Terbitan : 2020Dwib..


Rumi: Mystic And Poet

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Jalal ad-Din Muhammad RumiPage: 190 pagesYear of issue: 20..


SABAH FROM THE GROUND: The 2020 Elections & The Politics of Survival

Publisher: SIRD + ISEASISBN: 978-967-2464-24-2Author: Bridget Welsh, Vilashini Somiah, Benjamin..

Scattered Bones by Usman Awang Out Of Stock

Scattered Bones by Usman Awang

Penulis: Usman AwangISBN: 9789830683096Tahun Terbit: 2009Part of this book is autobio..


Scholarship In Transformation by Syed Arabi Idid

Dr Syed Arabi Idid is a Professor in the Department of Communication, Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed K..


Secondhand: Travels In The New Global Garage Sale

"Revelatory, terrifying, but, ultimately, hopeful." -Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning ..


Selected Works : KS Maniam

Publisher: Maya PressAuthor: KS ManiamPages: 297Year of Issue: 2019"KS Maniam is a strong and signif..

Semelai Communities At Tasek Bera: A Study Of The Structure Of An Orang Asli Society Out Of Stock

Semelai Communities At Tasek Bera: A Study Of The Structure Of An Orang Asli Society

Publisher: Center For Orang Asli ConcernsYear of publishing: 2020Pages: 191 pgOriginally written in ..


Seni Pembuatan Broked Shu

Publisher: Han Culture Chinese Malaysia & Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP)Author: Zhong Bingz..


Shanks, Yanks And Jurgen: The Men Behind Liverpool's Rise, Slip And Rise Again

Born in poverty, one of 10 children, Bill Shankly went to work in a coal mine at 14. “I had no educa..


Sloth Bear: The Barefoot Bear of Sri Lanka

ISBN :  978-967-5492-25-9Format : Hard Cover, Full ColorNumber of Pages – 168The sloth bear is ..


Smoke: A Public Diary

Publisher: Leia HassanAuthor: Leia HassanYear of issue: 2021Language: EnglishHow To Understand This ..


Society, State, And Urbanism: Ibn Khaldun’s Sociological Thought

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Fuad BaaliPage: 139 pagesYear of issue: 2018Language: Engl..


Soulless: Inspector Mislan and The Faceless Girl

Publisher :  Fixi NovoPages : 298pgAuthor : Rozlan Mohd NoorYear of Issue : 2017 In a slea..


Southeast Asian Social Science Review VOL 5 NO 2 JULY - DECEMBER 2020

ISSN - 0128 - 0406Pages : 208 pagesARTICLESDependence and Surplus Transfers in Colonial Malaya 5Mart..


Southeast Asian Social Science Review Vol 6 No 1 January - June 2021

Southeast Asian Social Science Review (SEASSR) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advanceme..


Speed Dating : The Story of Dating 10 Guys in 3 Months

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingPage: 77 pgAuthor: Shi HuiIssue Year: 2020From the thrilling ride of go..


Staying Safe at Work

A Guide to Occupational Safety & HealthAuthors: Ho Xiaojun, Chuah Chong KenISBN: 9789675492..


Suicide Note of The Father Of Punjab | Harsh K Arora

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingPage: 211 pgAuthor: Harsh K AroraIssue Year: 2020This is the story of a..


Superficiality by Tee Lin Dee

Author: Tee Lin DeePublisher: Tee Lin DeeISBN: 9789671869109Pages : 244 pages“A colou..


Survivor : My Life as a Rohingya Refugee

Publisher: GerakbudayaYear: 2021Pages: 115Author: Ziaur RahmanBuy on Shopee." I live in a world wher..


Tābi‘ūn : Those Who Followed

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Hotan KheyrandishPage: 176 pagesYear of issue: 2021Languag..


Tafsir: Qur’anic Exegesis

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Gholamali Haddad Adel, Hassan Taromi-Rad and Mohammad Jafar Elm..


Talking Cork- Anggur (The Edge Communications)

PublisherThe Edge CommunicationsFormatPaperbackLanguageEnglishBook ConditionVery goodPublished Year2..

Taming Babel : Language in the Making of Malaysia -0%

Taming Babel : Language in the Making of Malaysia

Winner, 2018 Harry J. Benda Book Prize, Association for Asian Studies'Taming Babel' sheds new light ..

RM138.00 RM138.00

The (Un)Finished Business - Yeo Bee Yin

ISBN: 978-967-5942-25-9Year: 2022Author: Yeo Bee YinFrom 2 July 2018 until 24 February 2020, I ..

The Apple And The Tree: Life As Dr Mahathir's Daughter By Marina Mahathir Out Of Stock

The Apple And The Tree: Life As Dr Mahathir's Daughter By Marina Mahathir

Published: Nov 2021Author : Marina MahathirPublisher : Penguin BooksLength: 328 PagesWhen an apple f..


The Arrest Of The Superyacht Equanimity : How Malaysia Reclaimed What Was Hers | Sitpah Slevaratnam

Publisher: Sitpah SlevaratnamAuthor: Sitpah SlevaratnamPage: 166 pagesYear of issue: 2021Language: E..


The Backyard Before You

The Backyard Before You is a narrative of photographs and vignettes that celebrate the wild beauty o..


The Bersih Movement And Democratisation In Malaysia: Repression, Dissent and Opportunities

Author: Khoo Ying HooiPublisher: SIRD & ISEASISBN: 9789672464143Paged : 213 pg“[T..


The Biography of Wu Lien-Teh

The Chosen One in 100 Years History of Malaysia and ChinaAuthor: Cheah See KianPublisher: Malaysia S..


The Booze Stole My Son | Aui V.

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingAuthor: Aui V.Page: 150 pgYear of issue: 2020Language: EnglishBinder Ty..


The Conclusive Argument From God: Ḥujjāt Allāh al-Bāligha

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Shah WaliyullahPage: 548 pagesYear of issue: 2021Language:..

The Defeat of Barisan Nasional: Missed Signs or Late Surge? Out Of Stock

The Defeat of Barisan Nasional: Missed Signs or Late Surge?

The results of Malaysia’s 14th General Elections of May 2018 were unexpected and transformative. Aga..


The Development of Chinese Education in Malaysia

Author: Tan Yao SuaPublisher: SIRDISBN: 9789672464174Pages: 121 pagesYear: 2021Binding Type : Softco..


The Diamond in Your Speech by Ahmad Fakhri & Victor Ong

SPEAK OUT AND STAND OUT BETTER AND FASTER "The Diamond in Your Speech" offers a pragmatic approach t..


The Embracing Mother | Debanjali Nag

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingAuthor: Debanjali NgPage: 31 pgYear of issue: 2020Language: EnglishBind..


The History Of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Abu Bakr Ibn TufailPage: 148 pagesYear of issue: 2020Langu..


The Impact of Principals' Instructional Leadership Behaviour on PPSMI Teachers' Instructional Practices

Publisher: Mahasetia Edar Sdn BhdISBN: 9789671094426Format: PaperbackWeight: 420..


The Influences of Early History On Multicultural Melaka

Author: Devinder RajSupplier / Publisher: Devinder Raj Pages :154 pagesThis is not an ordi..


The Last Jews Of Penang

Publisher: Matahari BooksAuthor: Zayn Gregory & Arif RafhanPage: 39 pagesYear of issue: 2021Lang..


The Legacy And Heritage Of Loke Chow Kit

"He spoke English, Malay and various Chinese dialects with equal facility, looked dignified and rese..


The Legend: He Caddied For Prime Ministers & Coached Kings, He Survived A Plane Crash And Cancer

Nellan was born in poverty in post-war, pre-independence Malaya. The eldest of 10 children, he slept..


The Life And Times Of Uwais Al-Qarni

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Uwais Ahmed Akhtarul QaderiPage: 144 pagesYear of issue: 2..


The Lights That Find Us

Author: Anittha ThanabalanISBN: 9789814845182Pages: 200Year of Issue: 2019Finalist fo..


The Malay Tale Of The Pig King

Publisher: Matahari BooksPages: 39Authors: Usup Abdul Kadir, Retold by Heidi Shamsuddin, Illustrated..

The Malaysian Economy : Structures and Dependence -10%

The Malaysian Economy : Structures and Dependence

This book provides an analysis of the structures of the Malayan and the Malaysian economies using th..

RM60.00 RM54.00
The May 13 Tragedy: A Report -0% Out Of Stock

The May 13 Tragedy: A Report

May 13, 1969 will go down in our history as a day of national tragedy. On that day the very foundati..

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The Metaphysical Epistemology Of Shaykh Shams Al-Dīn Al-Sumatrā’ī

Publisher: Islamic Trust BookAuthor: Mohamad Nasrin NasirPage: 182 pagesYear of issue: 2019Lang..


The Millennials' Guide To Building Business Right

S - Sustainability       Discover your entrepreneurship DNA. Begin with the end ..

The Myth of the Lazy Native -0%

The Myth of the Lazy Native

A Study of the Image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th Century and Its..

RM118.00 RM118.00

The New Play Project: Book One

This inaugural book of The New Play Project features 4 brand-new works from Kuala Lumpur's most exci..


The One Hour Business Plan To Make Your Money by Jyothi Karthiga

Over half of start-ups are unsuccessful in their attempts to secure funding, because they do not hav..


The Pensioner By Adam Said (Gerakbudaya)

Khalid Arshad lives in retirement with his wife Azizah in a suburb of George Town, Penang. He has ha..


The Power Of Deeds (The Untold Story of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin)

The Power Of Deeds highlights the immense contributions of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin, a leading technoc..


The Power Of Deeds (The Untold Story of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin) (HB)

The Power Of Deeds highlights the immense contributions of Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin, a leading technoc..


The Prince Of Mount Tahan by Ishak Haji Muhammad

Ishak Haji Muhammad (1909-1991) was one of Malaysia's pioneer nationalists. His patriotism caused hi..

The Problem Of Corruption Out Of Stock

The Problem Of Corruption

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Syed Hussein AlatasPage: 182 pagesYear of issue: 2015Langu..

The Professor By Faisal Tehrani Out Of Stock

The Professor By Faisal Tehrani

Suliza is a feminist professor who discovers her sexuality while at an Islamic religious school. Aft..


The Rape Of Nancy Ng

Publisher: Fixi NovoAuthor: Tunku HalimPage: 321Year of issue: 2018Language: EnglishBinder Type: Pap..


The Science of Feelings

Publisher: Sunway University PressPages: 224Author:  Eugene TeeSunway ShortsWhat are emotions a..


The Seat

It’s a few days before the 14th General Election. The P117 candidate makes a strong bid for the seat..


The Sejarah Melayu Revisited: A Collection of Six Essays

“In a period where no native scholars of equal repute existed, where no one possessed similar levels..


The Struggles For Human Rights In Xinjiang

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Roy Anthony RogersPage: 312 pagesYear of issue: 2018Langua..


The Taste Of China: Roundup Of China's Eight Cuisines

Publisher: Han Culture Chinese Malaysia & ITBMAuthor: Li Xin Page: 131pgYear of issue: 2017..


The Weight of Our Sky

Melati Ahmad has imagined her mother's death countless times. Plagued by gruesome thoughts she belie..


The Wolf Catcher: The True Story Of How One Woman Exposed The World's Biggest Heist

When London journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown set up a small website highlighting environmental damag..


Toyol 'R' Us

Publisher: Fixi NovoAuthor: Terence TohPage: 249 pgYear of issue: 2021Language: EnglishAll around Ku..


Transamagei | Jessika Sims

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingPage: 659 pgAuthor: Jessika SimsIssue Year: 2019Raised by a monster fro..


Transformasi Sosial Dan Politik Belia –Haris Zuan (Penerbit UKM)

Penerbit: Penerbitan UKMMukasurat: 159 muka suratTahun terbitan: 2020Bahasa: Bahasa MalaysiaBelia me..


Trouble Started : A Young Writers' Anthology

Editor: Brigitte Joanne RozarioYear: 2021Pages: 232Within these pages are 20 short stories about cla..


Tuesdays With Bapak | Nuraina Samad

Publisher: Bru PublicationISBN: 9789672693802Format: PaperbackWeight: 420 gBuy o..


Two Heartbeats Away by KS Maniam

KS Maniam has been writing from his early teens. His stories have appeared in numerous journals arou..


Universities And The Life Of The Mind

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: K.G. SaiyidainPage: 320 pagesYear of issue: 2020Language: ..


Unleash God Given Power Within You

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Ismail A KallaPage: 308 pagesYear of issue: 2019Language: ..


Unleash Your Inner Sage by Dr Thana Sathasivam

Claim your best life now! Sweep aside everything that has blocked you and grab the opportunities tha..


UNMASKED : Reflection on Virus-time

Publisher : Heliconia Press Pages : 80pg Year of issue : 2020We have been apart more days&..


Venture Forth : Untold Stories of A Culture Junkie | Wendy Chin

Publisher: Wendy ChinAuthor: Wendy ChinPage: 187 pgYear of issue: 2020Letting go of a 'comfortable' ..


Voices In Text And Contexts

Publisher: Sunway University PressPage: 232 pagesYear of issue: 2021Language: EnglishVoices in Texts..


Voyage To Excellence: Strategic Management In The 21st Century

Publisher: Islamic Book TrustAuthor: Faiz AbdullahPage: 295 pagesYear of issue: 2019Language: E..


Wanted: Botak Chin By Danny Lim & Michelle Lee

Publisher: MatahariAuthor: Danny Lim & Michelle LeePage: 40pgYear of issue: 2021Language: Englis..


Welcome Home: Lessons In Saying Goodbye

“Leaving, according to the familiar political narrative, was a sign that someone was giving up on th..

What I Saw In Malaya: Lectures 1934-1938 Out Of Stock

What I Saw In Malaya: Lectures 1934-1938

French ethnologist Jeanne Cuisinier explored Malaya, mostly Kelantan, in 1932 and 1933. In her lectu..

When I Say Spoken You Say Word : KL Spoken Word Anthology Out Of Stock

When I Say Spoken You Say Word : KL Spoken Word Anthology

'When I Say Spoken You Say Word’ is an anthology of spoken word poetry comprising of more than 100 p..