Gerakbudaya is a Malaysia-based book distributor with a focus on distributing books about Malaysia and the wider region, specialising in humanities and social science books but also distributing a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction works. Gerakbudaya is proud to distribute books by many important Malaysian and international publishers, institutes and NGO’s. As a distributor we supply books nationwide to all the chain bookstores of MPH Bookstore, Borders Bookstore, Times The Bookshop and Popular Book Company; Kinokuniya Book Store. We also distribute to a variety of independent bookshops such as Gerakbudaya Penang, University of Malaya Cooperative Bookshop, Silverfish Books (Kuala Lumpur), Shanghai Bookshop, Book Zone Sdn Bhd (Penang), Commercial Bookshop, Intelligence Bookshop, Mentor Bookshop, First Edition Bookstore, Bookalicious and Library Agents.

Distributed by Gerakbudaya?

We are happy to be approached by publishing houses and self-published authors to discuss how we can help distribute your book(s) to a larger audience. If you would like to get in touch please contact marketing@gerakbudaya.com providing information about your list of titles and our Marketing Manager will respond to you shortly.

Distributed Gerakbudaya/ SIRD books?

Gerakbudaya is always looking to expand the reach of its titles and therefore welcomes contacts by bookshops and book distributors within and outside Malaysia. Offering a wide selection of academic and trade titles our books are particularly relevant to bookshops / distributors with a focus on Southeast Asia, International Politics, Culture,  History and the Social Sciences. To find out more about the kind of titles we can offer why not check out our latest catalogue here. For more information on how to distribute Gerakbudaya/SIRD books please contact business_development@gerakbudaya.com.

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