Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies
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Batin Long bin Hok's Bés Hyang Dnèy and Other Jah Hut Stories

Authors: Duncan Holaday, Chin Woon Ping, Teoh Boon SeongCover: PaperbackYear: 2003Pages: 99Bés Hyang..

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak -50%

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork In Sarawak offers a collection of fieldwork stories written..

RM38.00 RM19.00

By the River of Borneo

Author: Gwen Hew Paperback, 32 pages Subject: Fiction, Children, Environment Condition: Good Pub..

Cerita Rakyat Orang Bidayuh -0% Out Of Stock

Cerita Rakyat Orang Bidayuh

Noheb, Jagat dan Numis adalah anak-anak yatim piatu tiga beradik. Mereka tinggal sendirian di sebuah..

RM10.00 RM10.00
Cerita Rakyat Orang Melanau -0%

Cerita Rakyat Orang Melanau

Terdapat banyak kisah mengenai buaya yang mengganas di sungai-sungai di Sarawak. Tiada satu cerita p..

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Death of the Dragon God Lake -57%

Death of the Dragon God Lake

Voices from Tasik Chini, Malaysia Authors: Isabel Crabtree Parker Jonathan Crabtree Parker Mira..

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Decolonizing Solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles

Author: Clare Land Subjects: Politics, Indigenous Issues Condition: Good Publisher: Zed Books Pu..


Flying Lizards and Other Orang Asli Legends and Tales

Editor: Colin NicholasCover: PaperbackYear: 2018Pages: 248'Flying Lizards' invites you to get to kno..

Folk-Lore in Borneo: A Sketch -0% Out Of Stock

Folk-Lore in Borneo: A Sketch

This booklet, first published in 1899, begins with a description of the way of life of the peoples o..

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Hamba: Sebuah Novel Sejarah

Orang Asli sangat sinonim dengan hamba. Dunia perhambaan penuhdengan perasaan tidak puas hati. Khian..

Hill Tribes: Lonely Planet Phrasebook -80%

Hill Tribes: Lonely Planet Phrasebook

Authors: David Bradley, Paul W Lewis, Christopher Court, Nerida JarkeyYear: 2008Pages: 176Trekking i..

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Looking For Money: Capitalism And Modernity in an Orang Asli Village

Author: Alberto G. Gomes New Pb236 pp. Subject: Indigenous Studies Condition: Fair Publisher: CO..


Malaysia's Original People: Past, Present and Future of the Orang Asli

Editor: Kirk Endicott Subjects: Orang Asli, History, Anthropology Condition: Good Publisher: NUS ..


Orang Asli Animal Tales

Author: Lim Boo Liat New Pb204 pp. Subjects: Arts & Culture, Ethnic Studies, Malaysia, Social ..


Orang Asli Women and the Forest: The Impact of Resource Depletion on Gender Relations among the Semai

Authors: Colin Nicholas, Tijah Yok Chopil, Tiah SabakPublisher: Center For Orang Asli ConcernsY..