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A Life Beyond Boundaries

Author/Editor: Benedict Anderson New Pb205 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Memoir, Politics..


Arca Yang Berdiri By Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz

Penulis: Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz Subjek: Malaysia, Agama, Memoir Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit..


Astronomi Bilik Mainan

Penulis: Wan Nor Azriq Subjek: Bukan Fikysen, Malaysia Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: DuBook ..


Becoming Hannah: A Personal Journey

Hannah’s story is not only about politics. It is about a spiritual journey of self-discovery. It is ..


Buku Terakhir Tentang Hantu | Hamka Kereta Mayat

Penulis: Hamka Kereta Mayat Subjek: Bacaan Umum Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: Terfaktab Medi..


Dari Tanjung Malim Ke KLCC

Penulis: Fdaus Ahmad Subjek: Malaysia, Travelog Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: DuBook Pr..


Diagnosis 3: Mortuari

Penulis: Jack Naim, Fahd Razy, Noor Hayati Yasmin Nga Timin Subjek: Bukan Fiksyen, Malaysia Keadaa..


DIAgnosis: Dr. Anwar Fazal, Dr. Aizzat and Dr. Azah

Authors: Dr. Anwar Fazal, Dr. Aizzat and Dr. Azah Subjects: Nonfiction, Medical Practice, Malaysia ..


Dreaming Of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak

Editor: Norma Hashim New Pb177 pp. Subjects: Middle East, Human Rights Condition: Good Publ..


Finding Malaysia: Making Sense of an Eccentric Nation

Author: Zairil Khir Johari New Pb312 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Condition: Good Pu..


Fong Chong Pik: The Memoirs of a Malayan Communist Revolutionary

Author: Fong Chong Pik Paperback, 286  pages Subjects: Malaysian Politics, Memoir Condition: Good..


I, KKK: The Autobiography of a Historian

Author: Khoo Kay Kim New Pb142 pp. Subjects: History, Autobiography Condition: Good Publisher: K..


Kaleidoscope: The Memoirs of P.G. Lim

Author: P.G. Lim New Pb397 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Cond..


Kaleidoscope: The Memoirs of P.G. Lim

Author: P.G. Lim Hardback, 397 pages Subjects: History, Memoir, Malaysia Condition: Good Publish..


Lelaki Di Sebalik Pulau

Penulis: Yusmadi Yusoff Subjek: Politik, Malaysia Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: DuBook Press..


Limelight by Faizal Hussein

Penulis: Faizal Hussein Subjek: Memoir, Filem, Malaysia Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: Merpati Jingga ..


Live to Last

By Deborah Chan Year: 2016 Price: RM 35.90 Pages: 142What does it take to craft a legacy that sticks..


Living in a Time of Deception

Author: Poh Soo Kai New Pb406 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Memoir, Politics, Singapore ..


Menyurat Kepada Sahabat: Warkah-Warkah Peribadi 1975-2002

Penulis: Anwar Ridhwan Subjek: Memoir, Malaysia Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: SIRD Tahun: 2012 284 m..


My Dear Papa By Nurul Hana Anwar

Author: Nurul Hana Anwar New Pb108 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Memoir, Politics Condition: Good Publ..


My Giant Geek Boyfriend

Author: Fishball Subjects: Comedy, General Reading Pb 100pp Condition: Good Publisher: ..


Negeri Rausyanfikr | A. Muziru Idham

Penulis: A. Muziru Idham Subjek: Fiksyen & Karangan Keadaan: Bagus Penerbit: Kuras Buku Tahu..


On Brittle Ground: My China Journey

Author: Souchou Yao Paperback, 222 pages Subject: Memoir, Travelogue, China, Malaysia Condition: ..


One Day, Three Autumns: Of Longing and Remembrance

Author: Liew Suet Fun New Hb80 pp. Subjects: Creative Non-Fiction, Malaysia Condition: Good Publ..


Our Thoughts are Free

Poems and Prose on Imprisonment and Exile Edited by Koh Kay Yew, Tan Jing Quee & Teo Soh Lung Ne..

Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War 2-3 Days

Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War

Author: Che Guevara Subjects: Politics, Latin America, Memoir Condition: Good Publisher: Monthly ..


Reunion at the Graveyard

Authors: Noraeni Mohamed & Tan Ean Nee Subjects: Memoir, History, Malaysia Publisher: Care &..


Sembang Kehidupan by Meor

Author/Editor: Meor New Pb170 pp. Subject: Memoir Condition: Good Publisher: Merpati Jingga Pub..

Straits Eclectic By Nine -60%

Straits Eclectic By Nine

Editor: NinePaperback, 123 pagesSubject: Anthology, Social Life & Customs, Race Relations, P..

RM25.00 RM10.00
Syed Husin Ali: Memoirs of a Political Struggle -56%

Syed Husin Ali: Memoirs of a Political Struggle

Author/Editor: Syed Husin Ali New Pb273 pp. Subjects: History & Biography, Malaysia, Memoir, P..

RM45.00 RM20.00

Tanya Abang Minimalis

Author: Melayu Minimalis Subjects: Nonfiction, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: DuBook Pr..


Tekal Berjuang: Memoir Anuar Tahir

Penulis: Anuar Tahir 176 m/s Subjek: Memoir, Biografi, Islam, Politik Kondisi: Bagus Penerbit: I..


The 1963 Operation Coldstore in Singapore

Commemorating 50 Years Editors: Hong Lysa, Poh Soo Kai, Tan Kok Fang New Pb542 pp. Subjects: Hi..


The Memoirs of Shamsiah Fakeh

Shamsiah Fakeh was a leader in the independence movement among a group of Malay women who fought per..


The Tudung Anthology

Edited by Azalia Zaharuddin Paperback, 201 pages Subject: Essay, Fiction, Comics Condition: Good ..


Two Faces: Detention Without Trial

Author: Syed Husin Ali New Pb169 pp. Subjects: Memoir, Politics Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD ..


Young And Malay: Growing Up In Multicultural Malaysia

Editors: Ooi Kee Beng & Wan Hamidi Hamid New Pb179 pp. Subjects: Ethnic Studies, Malaysia, Mem..


A Hakka Saga by Dr. Heenie Lee

Dr.Heenie Lee has a sharp eye for detail and a keen ear for dialogue. The anecdotes as related to hi..


An Autobiography of a REBEL: KASSIM Ahmad

“for so long we have perished in subjugationnow we live in defiance”An Autobiography of a Rebel is t..


Eat First, Talk Later

In this dazzling memoir Beth persuades her ageing parents on a road trip around their former home, M..


Finding a Footing In The Law by K C Vohrah

Finding a Footing in The Law - is a sight into the life and times of a distinguished and principled ..


Home is Not Here

As someone who has studied history for much of my life, I have found the past fascinating. But it ha..


Home is Where We Are

Does home have to be a country or a city?... Or is home this house or that? We have been fortunate....


Memoir of Takao Fusayama : A Japanese Soldier in Malaya & Sumatera

Publisher: UKM PublicationPage: 169 pagesYear of issue: 2020Language: English​Takoa Fusayama was bor..


Momster Unleashed | Madiha Khan

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingPage: 204 pgAuthor: Madiha KhanIssue Year: 2020Have you ever seen a mot..


Navigating Turbulent Times: The Memoirs of M. Rajasingam

"Dato Rajasingam's memoir ... is an engaging memoir that intertwines both his personal and professio..

Non Returnable: My Special Child From Heaven -63%

Non Returnable: My Special Child From Heaven

Despite having a life most people would have coveted, I was not a hundred percent satisfied. I had a..

RM32.00 RM12.00

North Star: A Memoir

"Peter was a friend, colleague and politically courageous champion of the downtrodden and mistreated..


The Apple And The Tree: Life As Dr Mahathir's Daughter By Marina Mahathir

Published: Nov/2021Author : Marina MahathirPublisher : Penguin BooksLength: 328 PagesWhen an apple f..


The Booze Stole My Son | Aui V.

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingAuthor: Aui V.Page: 150 pgYear of issue: 2020Language: EnglishBinder Ty..


The Legend: He Caddied For Prime Ministers & Coached Kings, He Survived A Plane Crash And Cancer

Nellan was born in poverty in post-war, pre-independence Malaya. The eldest of 10 children, he slept..