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Becoming Arab -0%

Becoming Arab

Creole Histories and Modern Identity in the Malay World Author: Sumit K. Mandal (University of No..

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Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork In Sarawak offers a collection of fieldwork stories written..


Challenging Malaysia's Status Quo

History professor, consumer advocate, policy analyst and public intellectual par excellence Dr Lim T..


Culture, Identity & Foodways of the Terengganu Chinese

Authors: Kamarudin Ngah & Tan Yao Sua New Pb130 pp. Subjects: Arts & Culture, Ethnic Studi..


Eating Together: Food, Space and Identity in Malaysia and Singapore

Food, Space and Identity in Malaysia and SingaporeAuthors: Khoo Gaik Cheng and Jean DuruzNew Pb262 p..


Flying Lizards and Other Orang Asli Legends and Tales

Editor: Colin NicholasCover: PaperbackYear: 2018Pages: 248'Flying Lizards' invites you to get to kno..


Getting By: Class and State Formation among Chinese in Malaysia

Author: Donald M. Nonini Paperback, 348 pages Subjects: Malaysia, Ethnic Studies Condit..


GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness

Author/Editor: Hanna Alkaf New Pb141 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Social Studies Condition: Good Publ..


Language Choices and Discourse of Malaysian Families: Case Studies of Families in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Editor: Maya Khemlani David Subjects: Sociolinguistics, Malaysia Condition: Good Publisher: SIRD ..


Orang Asli Animal Tales

Author: Lim Boo Liat New Pb204 pp. Subjects: Arts & Culture, Ethnic Studies, Malaysia, Social ..


Politics of the Temporary

An Ethnography of Migrant Life in Urban Malaysia Author: Parthiban Muniandy New Pb184 pp. Subje..


Red Star Over The Third World

Author: Vijay PrashadPaperback, 131 pagesSubjects: History, Communism, Third WorldCondition: GoodPub..


Second Thoughts: On Malaysia, Globalisation, Society and Self

Authors/Editors: Julian C H LeeJun Kit (Illustrator)New Pb196 pp.Subjects: Arts & Culture, M..


Social Change in an Urban Neighbourhood in Klang: A Case Study

Authors: Jayanath Appudurai & Lian Kwen Fee New Pb70 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Social Studies C..


Socio-historical Development of the Kampung Cina Settlement in Kuala Terengganu

Authors: Tan Yao Sua & Kamarudin Ngah Pb 103 pp Publisher: SIRD Published: 2013 No other..


Speaking Out & Speaking Up: Xinjiao Perspectives

Editors: Pang Eng Fong & Arnoud de Meyer Subjects: Singapore, Culture Condition: Good Publisher:..

Straits Eclectic | Nine -60%

Straits Eclectic | Nine

Editor: NinePaperback, 123 pagesSubject: Anthology, Social Life & Customs, Race Relations, P..

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Thaipusam in Malaysia: A Hindu Festival in the Tamil Diaspora

Author: Carl Vadivella Belle New Pb401 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Ethnic Studies, Politics Condition..

The Korean Wave in Southeast Asia -30%

The Korean Wave in Southeast Asia

Consumption and Cultural Production Editors: Joanne B.Y. Lim Mary J. Ainslie New Pb200 pp. Subje..

RM35.00 RM24.50

The Population of Malaysia (Second Edition)

Author: Saw Swee-Hock Paperback, 219 pages Subject: Malaysia, Demography, Culture Condition: Good Pu..


Thinking Through Malaysia: Culture and Identity in the 21st century

Editors: Julian Hopkins & Julian CH Lee Subjects: Social Life, Culture, Politics, Malaysia Con..

Trauma, Memory and Transformation: Southeast Asian Experiences -67%

Trauma, Memory and Transformation: Southeast Asian Experiences

Editor: Sharon A Bong New Pb188 pp. Subjects: Social Studies, Southeast Asia Condition: Good Pub..

RM30.00 RM10.00

Unapologetic by Boo Su-Lyn

Author: Boo Su-LynPaperback, 313 pagesSubjects: Women's rights, Social condition, MalaysiaCondition:..


Views from Pulau Pinang: Countering Modern Orientalism and Policy Perspectives

Views from Pulau Pinang brings together the writings of members of the Centre for Pol..


Why the Dalai Lama is a Socialist

Buddhism and the Compassionate Society Author: Terry Gibbs Paperback, 262 pages Subjects: Socia..


Women and War in the Middle East: Transnational Perspectives

Editors: Nadje Al-Ali and Nicola Pratt Subjects: Middle East, Palestine, Gender, Political Sci..


Women in Israel : Race, Gender and Citizenship

Race, Gender and Citizenship Author: Nahla Abdo New Pb227 pp. Subjects: Gender & Sexuality, M..


You Want This Goonvernment Ah?

Author: Kee Thuan ChyePages: 319Wah! Najib said RM500 could feed a whole family for a year! He bough..


Autism in Short: A Handbook for Parents

This book  is not intended as a textbook. It is a brief guide on autism spectrum disorder for p..


Emancipated Education: Essays on the Nurturing of Critical Discourse

The obsession with world rankings and vocational training has turned universities into factories for..


Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic In Malaysia | Special Issue July 2021

Southeast Asian Social Science Review (SEASSR) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advanceme..


Islam and Socialism | Professor Dr Syed Hussein Alatas

Author: Professor Dr Syed Hussein AlatasTranslator: Sharifah Afra AlatasPublisher: Gerakbudaya Enter..


Kaatu Perumal: Folk Hero of Sungai Siput

In this piece of writing based on oral history, we get a glimpse of Perumal, the communist fighter w..


PROTECTOR?: An Analysis of the Concept and Practice of Loyalty in Leader-led Relationships within Malay Society

Author:  Chandra MuzaffarISBN: 9789672464150Publisher: SIRDPages : 151pg‟It is granted that the..


Southeast Asian Social Science Review Vol 3 No 2 July - Dec 2018

Southeast Asian Social Science Review (SEASSR) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advanceme..


Southeast Asian Social Science Review Vol 5 No 1 January - June 2020

Southeast Asian Social Science Review (SEASSR) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advanceme..


Southeast Asian Social Science Review VOL 5 NO 2 JULY - DECEMBER 2020

ISSN - 0128 - 0406Pages : 208 pagesARTICLESDependence and Surplus Transfers in Colonial Malaya 5Mart..


Struggle For Justice: Bestcan Workers, The Untold Story 1977

This book captures the challenges and ongoing struggle for workers’ rights in Malaysia through a cas..


SURVIVOR : My Life As A Roghingya Refugee | Ziaur Rahman

Publisher : GerakbudayaYear Of Published : 2021Pages : 115 pagesAuthor : Ziaur Rahman" I live in a w..

The Myth of the Lazy Native -0%

The Myth of the Lazy Native

A Study of the Image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th Century and Its..

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Workplace Learning in the Malaysian Tourism Sector

Determining Competence Development and Job Satisfaction Among Employees of Small to Mid-sized Touris..