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Access to Justice: Women’s Experiences in Penang Syariah Courts -10%

Access to Justice: Women’s Experiences in Penang Syariah Courts

Author: Shariza Kamarudin New Pb142 pp. Subjects: Gender, Law, Religion Condition: Good Publishe..

RM25.00 RM22.50
Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak -50%

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork in Sarawak

Beyond Romance: Fieldwork In Sarawak offers a collection of fieldwork stories written..

RM38.00 RM19.00

Contemporary Islamic Discourse in the Malay–Indonesian World

Author: Azhar Ibrahim New Pb315 pp. Subjects: Indonesia, Malaysia, Religion, Southeast Asia Condi..

Holy Men, Holy Women:  A Journey into the Faiths of Malaysians and Other Essays -49%

Holy Men, Holy Women: A Journey into the Faiths of Malaysians and Other Essays

Author: Dina ZamanSubject: Faith, Religion, EssayCondition: GoodPublisher: SIRDPublished: 2017Needin..

RM35.00 RM18.00

Islam Hadhari: A Model Approach For Development And Progress

Author: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi New Pb181 pp. Subjects: Malaysia, Religion, Politics Condition: Goo..


Islam in Malaysia: Perceptions & Facts

Author: Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin New Pb343 pp. Subjects: Religion, Malaysia Condition: Good P..


Malaysia's Original People: Past, Present and Future of the Orang Asli

Editor: Kirk Endicott Subjects: Orang Asli, History, Anthropology Condition: Good Publisher: NUS ..


One Malaysia, Under God, Bipolar: Essays on Society, Schooling and Salvation

In this fine collection of opinion pieces, the respected and sagacious public intellectual Azly Rahm..


Revisiting Malaysian Modernisation

Essays on Science, Technology, Religion and Environment Author/Editor: Mohd Hazim Shah New Pb288..


Rhetoric and Realities

Zaharom Nain is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Nottingham Ma..

The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity -60%

The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity

Author: Tariq Ali Subjects: Politics, Islamic fundamentalism Condition: Good Publisher: Forum Pub..

RM50.00 RM20.00

The Real Cry of Syed Shaykh al-Hady

Special Edition With selections of his writings by his son, Syed Alwi Editor: Alijah Gordon New P..

The Story of Srebrenica -44%

The Story of Srebrenica

Author: Isnam Taljic Subjects: Bosnia, History, Genocide Condition: Good Publisher: Silverfish Bo..

RM36.00 RM20.00

The Tudung Anthology

Edited by Azalia Zaharuddin Paperback, 201 pages Subject: Essay, Fiction, Comics Condition: Good ..


Why the Dalai Lama is a Socialist

Buddhism and the Compassionate Society Author: Terry Gibbs Paperback, 262 pages Subjects: Socia..


The Significance Of Islamic Jerusalem In Islam

Author/Editor: Mohd Roslan Mohd NorExtent: 230Year of Publication: 2016Why do Muslims..


From Beirut to Jerusalem (Updated Ed.)

This is the story of Dr Ang Swee Chai, a Penang-born orthopaedic surgeon, and her flight to war-torn..


Islamic Family Law by Abdullahi An An-Na'im

Published: January 2002Publisher: Zed BooksPage: 320 pgSHARI'A AND ISLAMIC FAMILY LAW: TRA..


Islamic Law of Business Organization: Partnerships

Paperback: 360 pagesPublisher: Islamic Book Trust (May 2002)Language: EnglishA study ..


Islamic Movements of Europe: Public Religion and Islamophobia in The Modern World

'Islam in Europe' and 'Islamophobia' are subjects of vital global importance which currently preoccu..


Justice and Remembrance: Introducing the Spirituality of Imam Ali

Ali b. Abi Talib, son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, first Shi'i imam and fourth caliph,..


Khatami: Islam, Liberty and Development

Paperback: 156 pagesPublisher: Global Academic Publishing (September 1, 1998)Language:&nbs..


Religion and the Human Prospect

Since September 11, 2001, religion has been at the center of debates about the global future. R..


Sikhism: An Introduction

Almost from the moment, some five centuries ago, that their religion was founded in the Punjab by Gu..


The 'ALLAH' Controversy and other essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity

Dr. Azly Rahman is one of Malaysia's intellectual hopes for the future. Although he currently reside..


The Civilisational and Cultural Heritage of Iran and the Malay World

The development of Islamic civilisation in the various regions of the world was, and is, a complex p..


The Divided Self - Isreal and the Jewish Psyche Today

How should Jews respond to an age of militant Zionism and resurgent anti-Semitism? Is insisting on a..


Trust Overboard : Memoir of Living with a Sadistic Cult in Malaysia

It was 2014. Third culture kid, Liya, began a spiritual journey to explore various faiths, at sevent..

Unveiling Choice by Maryam Lee -10%

Unveiling Choice by Maryam Lee

'What people need to understand is that the hijab can be both liberating and oppressive, depending o..

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Women In Islam : SIHA Journal Issue No.4 2019 -12%

Women In Islam : SIHA Journal Issue No.4 2019

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is a network of civil society organi..

RM25.00 RM22.00