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Early Child Care and Education in Malaysia -57%

Early Child Care and Education in Malaysia

Towards Professionalisation Authors:Lydia Foong, Mogana Dhamotharan, Palanisamy K. Veloo New Pb1..

RM23.00 RM10.00

The Education of Ethnic Minorities: The Case of the Malaysian Chinese

Authors: R. Santhiram & Tan Yao Sua Format: Paperback, 185 pages Subjects: Education, Ethnic S..


The Emergence and Widening of Ethnic Divide in the Malaysian Educational System

Authors: Sezali Md Darit & Tan Yao Sua New Pb79 pp. Subjects: Education, Ethnic Studies Condi..


200 Years Of Chinese Education In Malaysia: A Protean Saga

200 Years of Chinese Education in Malaysia: A Protean Saga by Kua Kia Soong is the latest and fifth ..


Autism In Short: A Handbook For Parents

This book  is not intended as a textbook. It is a brief guide on autism spectrum disorder for p..


Emancipated Education: Essays on the Nurturing of Critical Discourse

The obsession with world rankings and vocational training has turned universities into factories for..


From Decolonization to Ethno-Nationalism: A Study of Malaysia’s School History Syllabuses and Textbooks 1905 - 2020

Author: Santhiram R. RamanPublisher: SIRDISBN: 9789672464259Santhiram’s critique of history edu..


Kami Pun Ada Hak Bersekolah (Wanita Orang Asli Bersuara)

18 cerita pendek yang ditulis sendiri oleh belia wanita Orang Asli memaparkan pengalaman peribadi da..


Leadership In Parenting

Leadership in Parenting presents the idea of raising children with a clear, strong purpose: to raise..


Momster Unleashed | Madiha Khan

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingPage: 204 pgAuthor: Madiha KhanIssue Year: 2020Have you ever seen a mot..


Mothers Are Coaches in Motion -Faizah Bazid

Is believing that you are a “bad” mother keeping you from enjoying motherhood?Let me guess-you are t..

Non Returnable: My Special Child From Heaven -69%

Non Returnable: My Special Child From Heaven

Despite having a life most people would have coveted, I was not a hundred percent satisfied. I had a..

RM32.00 RM10.00

The Booze Stole My Son | Aui V.

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingAuthor: Aui V.Page: 150 pgYear of issue: 2020Language: EnglishBinder Ty..


The Development of Chinese Education in Malaysia

Author: Tan Yao SuaPublisher: SIRDISBN: 9789672464174Pages: 121 pagesYear: 2021Binding Type : Softco..


The Embracing Mother | Debanjali Nag

Publisher: Ukiyoto PublishingAuthor: Debanjali NgPage: 31 pgYear of issue: 2020Language: EnglishBind..


What Students Want - A Book Created, Curated, And Edited By Students

What Students Want is a student-led book that collects the hopes and dreams of students around Malay..